Almost a year?

Jeeze I’ve been not caring too much about blogging, like others social media venues have taken over blogging in general.

So what’s happened in the life of me since the last post?

  • My van died
  • Bought a used car for my son of which promptly died a week later. Yay for not taking it to our mechanic for a looksy. Lesson learned.
  • Lost more poundage
  • Gained more knowledge on healthy choices
  • Didn’t bike as much due to the overly hot summer/fall temps.
  • More freelance came my way
  • Sold a couple originals drawings
  • My eyesight gets worse every quarter
  • Our summer was nice despite the temps
  • We decided to cancel our Lifetime Fitness during the months of Nov-April since we don’t go enough but resigned up to Planet Fitness. 150.00 vs. 10.00 a month is a kinda big deal.
  • I sold my Mox Ruby and felt bad.
  • I sold 2 other cards and made close to 800.00 in 10 mins…still felt bad.
  • My daughter is a freshman/men/woman and she had a rough start but is adjusting nicely
  • I recently let a friend take over my prepaid WOW account and he’s enjoying it and leveling my toons. YAY
  • I started playing SWTOR but quickly got bored. IDK what’s wrong with my MMO’s fervor…it’s lost.
  • We had puppies on Easter. 4 of em. 2 sold 2 stayed so the odds of me stepping in shit and piss has tripled.
  • My son will graduate in a couple months. God willing.
  • I’m a quasi Grand Dad – my step daughter popped one out a few months back. Excited that my gray hairs will go with being a Grand Dad.
  • I helped develop 3 iPhone/Android apps – developed in the graphics/image/theme areas. I don’t code…well.
  • My wife and I decided to go 6 weeks as hybrid Vegans/Vegetarians…we have 5 days left. More below.
  • My rogaine is thankfully still working.
  • I tweet a lot more.
  • My son is a really good beat boxer. My daughter is honing her acting skills with 2 HS plays already under her belt.
  • My wife is on the verge of fulfilling a career dream goal. Patiently waiting.
  • I have less close friends.


So yeah, I’ve had an interesting 2 years on focusing on my health. I’ve done the juice fasting with phenominal results. Almost a year later only gained 30% back. Then recently lost half of that. So we were watching Netflix and per usual we click thru more movies than actual viewing movies until we tried some documentary on 6 weeks being a Vegan. For those who don’t know, like religion there are many variances to the name. Vegans are strict eaters. They don’t eat anything with a face. That kinda sums it up. Oh and no processed foods. That seems to be more extreme than a 30 day juice fast…and it is. I went 8 days being a Vegan. We flipped the bitch and decided to go Vegetarian…and we stuck to it unless I eat something made of meat in the next 5 days when it ends.

In this time period since Jan 1, (our last meal was at Hereford House…ya booieee). I have lost 12 pounds but it fluctuates +/- 2 pounds any given day. Kinda frustrating. My wife has taken up going to the gym every morning. (fuck that.) And she has for 2 weeks now./proud She hasn’t lost as much, more like 3-5 pounds…and she’s very pissed about it and don’t blame her. I try to keep encouraging her but I don’t think it will matter if she doesn’t see results faster.

SO after this journey, not sure what will do next. We DO continue to eat with better foods, more organic and non modified foods, smaller portions, etc. I also found out through this that I’m lactose intolerant. My body immediately changed. It was awesome…kinda.

I think that covers what I want to tell the world from the past 11 months.




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Easily annoyed at 40

Easily I am.




Older I get the more tolerant I get but less tolerant when something interrupts my normal day to day routine. I seem to have a lower threshold for things that somehow someway come into my life without warning. Work/Career things like that are nothing, I expect that. Home life, not so much. I keep telling myself to relax. Relax. Life IS good kid, relax.

Prime example: 2 weeks ago I come home from work for 10 mins when there’s a knock on the door and open it to two pimply faced high school kids and a mini van parked in my drive-way. I said ‘Yes?’ — and one of the kids kinda snottily says ‘We’re here to practice’…’Ash here’?  In that millisecond of him saying my sons name my anger went from a 2 to an 9.

I have no reason to get that angry. None. I didn’t show it on the outside too much, I asked the kid to hold on. Ash was already at the top of the stairs and I could read on his face all the outs he could make up by the time I said ‘What the fuck?’.  Long story short, he had neglected asking me if his friends could come over and jam, he had also forgot to cancel his other band practice. My son is very musically talented. I relented but also wasn’t visually happy about the whole situation. They jammed for 3 hours, but I luckily left. Things like that. I used to be a lot more flexible than that…granted I did let it happen. Talking to the parent who dropped the boys off she offered to leave and I refused and said it was OK but my son needs to let me know ahead of time. I see myself as that old fuck Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Things are changing rapidly it seems. Faster weeks, time is flying by with all the cliches that go with it. I guess at 40 this is considered my hey-day. I am happy. Not so much content but I don’t think anyone can really be content and still breathing. Maybe I’m at the precipice of a mid-life crisis?

I was reading a foreigners blog the other day and saw that he recently changed his diet. Not so much a lifestyle change but he stopped eating less of something. Something that has a long term health detriment. He seems so proud of himself and I applaud him. It takes small steps like that to change and keep it consistent. I wanted to tell him to cut this and that out of his diet and within one week you’ll see this change about yourself….but I can’t. It’s hard repressing oneself when it comes to things that personal. Especially since I’ve been through it myself…I’m not like others who will offer their opinion with blanket know-it-all unsolicited advice, I can’t do it unless asked. If asked, then I’ll Jimmy the Super-Fly Snooka your butt with info on what I can add to whatever your needing advice on.

That is all. Have a good weekend to all and good luck KU.

Oh and in Honor of Tony of Kansas City


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Captain and Coke and Magic and Fat



Only recently in the past 5 months have I even considered drinking anything of the alcoholic beverage arena beyond beer and wine. My past prime drinking stages basically were from 11th grade in HS into College. Once I married I only drank beer and that was only socially. TO say I had a drinking problem in school would almost be spot on. I only lost one job to it. I showed up 3 hours late for my gig as a waiter for Mother’s Day at Holiday Inn (Omaha). They fired me on the spot. Mother’s day..I guess is a busy day.

My tolerance for drinking was at it’s peak in College. Now…not so much. I can drink a lot if it’s spread out a lot. i.e. 3 beers an hour vs. 3 beers 1/2 hour but then my bladder has apparently shrunk over the years and can really only hold 8 ounces before I HAVE TO PEE. It’s sad really.

This past December I was on my annual work trip to Atlantic City and one of our Account Reps ordered a Captain and Coke. He’s a drinker by trade (sales) and he normally is very reserved but he took a sip and said ‘Ahhhh.’  Intrigued I ordered one over my Blue Moon. It was delish. It was booth smooth and sweet. Not over powering and the balance was topped off by the glass it held it in. I ordered 3 more. Luckily our eatery was on the PIERS which is connected to Caesars Palace which was my Hotel and only had to stumble along with fellow co workers to get to my room. The morning came and having to work our booth I had a very good surprise. No hangover remnants. Nothing.

The history of Rum and Coke or Pepsi in my Marital life is one of interest. My first wife – all she drank and only drunk was Rum and Coke, Jack and Coke. THat makes for an expensive night out. I could afford it back then because when we dated we had zero kids and lived at home…well..I did…her parents kicked her out. My lovely wife of today ALSO only really drinks Jack/Rum and Pepsi – she likes wine but not so much as she does a good RnC.

There’s something very calming about the drink. Readily admitting I’m a noob at drinking – I think I will enjoy this journey into drinking again. Thank you Wife.


This will be my 5th week coming up in a friggin row where I’m playing Magic the Gathering in an official capacity. That being, reporting to WOTC/Hasbro. I’ve played 3 weeks of FNM – Friday Night Magic where I went 3-1, 3-1 n 3-1 with my ‘white weenie’ deck full of wonderful 1-2 drops. Like most of my addictions I always come back to them eventually. Also picked up a Mox Ruby from trading away some playable cards and feel he may have gotten the better deal but…w/e. I have a Mox now.. This weekend was National Gaming Weekend and most game stores had events going on for the weekend and I participated in a the Standard tournament – meant to be the Grand Prix Trial for Indy but not enough peeps signed up. I used the same WW deck but tweaked with with black and green for Spirits and Parallel View to double my love of tokens. I went 2-1-1 and made top 8 but lost to mana screw both games 0-2. It was a fun night too as my wife and I sipped Captain and Cokes while downing fried foods at the local sports bar.


Today is my 3rd venture into Juice Cleansing. i.e. only drinking liquids in the way of vegetable and fruit juices* *I allow myself Coffee with non-dairy.
First round was 28 pounds lost gaining back 8 (30 days). 2nd round was 10 lost gaining back 5. (10 days)  One will always gain back due to what your doing which is NOTHING is in your belly.So I’m trying to get a cushion of able weight I gain back.  i.e Lose 30 gain 10 = net 20 loss. I always feel so much better doing these things, everything is much better. Everything.  Mind, body, confidence, focus, saves me a TON of eat out food. Typically I spend 6-9 dollars for lunch and same for dinner. =)  It’s not luck to do this it’s complete and utter will power. Mind over Fat Matter.



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Soap Operas

My first introduction to Soaps was when I was a lil kid in Omaha. I’d come home from school, go straight to the kitchen grab 3 Oreos or Chocolate Chip cookies and a big ol glass of whole milk. This was the mid 70’s…we had milk delivered to us in glass bottles by our front door. I was also a latch key kid who walked to school to and from unless it was a blizzard to lightening. Thought I’d clarify I was a child of self sufficiency.

Ours read 'Roberts Dairy'.

This is our actual TV model...

I’d plop down in front the Sylvania and watch the last 5-10 mins of ‘The Edge of Night’ – mainly because there was nothing else to do and I didn’t want to miss the opening score/scene of the 60’s BATMAN which was what I was waiting for.

The Edge of Night

So I sit there and watch this drama unfold and see the beautiful women with long flowing big banged hair talk, kiss and slap men with big moustaches. I knew my Mom loved watching these shows and often wondered why. The show ends and I watch my BATMAN with Adam West, immediately clean up my mess then go outside and play til my Mom yells for me – usually right around dusk time. Golden days.

Flash to my College days. I work and go to school and get a job at a reservations center for Hotels – Carlson Travel Network. My hours are such that I’m able to watch ”The Young and the Restless’ followed by ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. on my 1 hour break. Yes..1 hour. The ladies also monopolize the break room with me for the ONE TV so we pretty much own the break room. I catch up and learn all about the characters, fall in love with Hunter Tylo. This goes on til I land a job as an intern at The Garden Cafe as a graphic designer. My schedule isn’t working for daytime soaps. I forget about them. Sorta.

Hunter Tylo before her plastic surgery super disaster.

Few years down the road I’m working 2 jobs – 2nd and 3rd shift back to back – to take care of my soon to be born first child, my son! My schedule is 2:30-10:30 then Midnight til 6:30. One as a Graphic Designer for ‘Pull Tabs’ – think scratch offs for the Lotto and the other is for a company called ‘Black Dot’ which works with large publications to produce magazines. I’d work in the photo dept touching up images for 6 hours straight. Course I’d get home when everyone was heading to work and could really only sleep 4-5 hours but when I was awake I’d catch up on my Soaps. This lasted 6-7 months. I missed Hunter.

Now – my soaps aren’t daytime Soaps. Mine are prime time shows and most recently ABC’s REVENGE. I recently had 2 weeks off of work and during that time – experimented with new shows via HULU plus and Netflix. Revenge caught me because of the whole Soap Opera feel.  My wife and I enjoy dramas a lot. This one fit the niche and hopefully will fill the Daytime Soaps – although I could DVR the daytimes….. =)

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Two Twelve


This is my 2nd or 3rd phase of juicing, I think I maybe addicted to it. Not the beginning the middle and especially the end. It starts out like someone took away your fav drugs, candy, toys, etc. After awhile it becomes a dull sensation and on the 3rd or 4th day – I’m currently on my 3rd – it feels…BETTER. I’ve written about this before from the summer but the process is one of transformation. My wife and I took a break from the ‘good healthy eats’ during the months of November and December, we felt it was too much to ask of ourselves to be that boring when it came to socializing and eating with friends and family. That…and we LOVE food. LOVE IT. Our weekends usually revolve around places we explore to eat, try a new dish or visit one of our normal eateries.

During the Nov-Dec months we both gained a few – for me it was 5 lbs…not sure what she gained. 5 doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. It was/is solid fat gain. I usuallu fluctuate 3-4 pounds but this 5 pounds stayed on for several days in a row – to me that was the barometer for gaining weight, if it stays on for 3+ days. So – we talked about our own plans….

Alix is going for 15 on and 15 off. 15 days of pure juicing and 15 days of pure raw/cooked veg and fruit solids. Makes sense. =)  I will be doing the 30 days juicing of only veg and fruits with ONE exception. Since this isn’t necc. a cleanse or detox I decided to keep Coffee in my diet. Non-Dairy cream like soy or coconut or almond for the replacement. Coffee just makes me feel good and satisfied. My own liquid comfort food. =)

I started out at 222.2 pounds on Monday and as of this morning Wednesday the 4th am at 219.4 – I’m on target. Judging from my last successful juice run I will consistently lose 1 lb a day around the 5 or 6th day. The middle part is the easiest. Exercise will consist of non impact swimming, biking, eliptical and spinning. We also walk the dogs but that’s normal. Next chance I get I will be getting a trainer for my bike.

My end goal is to hit 30 days or 195 lbs. I figure once I’m off the juice I will gain back +5-6 lbs as normal so I will be happy with 200. I’m very excited to be on this path again. Chopping at the bulge in bursts like this with immediate results is so much better than ‘dieting’ or trying to do a fake diet…. knowing what to expect also helps me with future run ins with foods and smells. I need to forbid the kids from making popcorn though…that’s a killer smell….and noodles….oh my god I love asian noodles…or japanese noodles to be more specific. I plan on posting weekly or sometimes daily updates on this process. If you have any questions for me please feel free to post here or you can email me at

iPhone 4s

I was on ATT my wife was on ATT then I switched to Sprint (homer) she moved to T-Mobile then realized it was a mistake and now is with me on Sprint. I talked her into an Apple product. My wife at her core being is a non-conformist and seeing everyone loving Apple products, especially her husband who basically makes a living off of his  has resisted the change. She had a BlackBerry and loved it (I bought one for her last July)- and loved the QWERTY keyboard vs. touch screen. Eventually the BB broke- the ball kept sticking. We decided new phones for the kids for Christmas and my iPhone 3G contract with ATT was over this past summer. Blah Blah Blah.
Now she and I both are drinking the kool-aid of the iPhone4s and Siri……and Siri being the reason why my wife decided to make the change. I showed her the wonder of Siri, texting without using the keyboard, finding places…basically the commercial you see on TV but Siri can’t do it all but it’s a very good beginning. I also felt good making the switch from ATT to a hometown company of Sprint. I know Sprint is still a huge conglomerate machine but in my mind I think I’m helping my neighbors and friends who are employed by Sprint.

My new years resolutions are basics but important – spend more time with my kids. They are both in their teens and as such don’t spend much time with me as it is but I know from Alix’s experience that they will want to be on their own, make stupid life changing decisions and I want to be able to share THIS time much more with them before they’re thrown out into the world of shit (life). They will have to deal with enough crap out of our home that I want their time with us that much more enjoyable or in some cases for them – more tolerable. My others include better money management which will take care of most everything else. =)

Happy New Year to my faithful 3 readers and 4 randoms!




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My Thankful list. 2LDR.

I’m one of those fan bois of lists, top tens, best of, worst of…maybe it’s the brevity of it all. Maybe because I like to read my own words? I do know I made myself a point to ‘journal’ by the ideals of one Kim Ades whom I met in October. She’s a fine Canadian strong woman who will simply pwn you when it comes to calling you out in front of an audience. My actual journaling lasted a week so I digress to Twitter and this Blog. Facebook will never count as Journaling because of it’s audience.

Things I’m Thankful for 2011

  • My Health : taking control of what I put into and around my body has made my mind much clearer and a goal to try and live a longer one…while blocking out the negatives like If I live longer I’ll endure more pain. Funny how that works huh?
  • My Wife: Cliche as it is but she puts up with my bullshit. My mood swings, my gas, my temper tantrums when I drive my minivan. My wanting of sex at the most in opportune times. My wanting to go on fasting diets in the middle of Thanksgiving (who does that?). She’s my love who I found in of all places Leavenworth(less).
  • My Kids: The reason for getting up everyday. The reason I work harder, eat less and spend more. It’s hard to explain to a non-breeder but having a kid(s) changes you quickly and slowly – you realize the remnants of you will go on…the good and bad. I have tons of fears when it comes to their much so I may need to see a therapist. I care too much I think.
  • My career: I cannot help but realize on a day to day basis that what I do in my life since graduating college was easy. Cake. I don’t struggle or hate what I do. I may not like certain situations or things that I have zero control over but overall I love what I do and am proud to be a creative person that was passed on down to me from my parents. I have a ton of freedom. One could say I’m lucky and in some areas I am but I strongly believe you make your own luck and pretty much in control of your own happiness. I also have the lil devil on my shoulder whispering to me about how all of this could end today and I’d be back on the internet looking for another ‘job’….I’m fine with that.
  • Lacking jealousy: This un-redeeming quality is something I only have when it comes to the fantasy world. In reality I’m never jealous of the good or better things other people have or situations that are better than mine. Thru the years of my life I’ve seen relationships in my family and friends fall apart because one or both didn’t like what the other was doing based solely on jealousy. Even in small things like clothes or gaming friends…it’s very strange to me to not like someone for this reason. This also comes up to me in thinking about the 99% people squatting and trying to make a point about big biz. I think the underlying basis is righteous however it comes down to personal responsibility. Don’t have a job? Get one? Want to do better in life? Work for it. Don’t blame the 1% for your life decisions. Corporate greed will exist and greed itself is the driving force for life itself…It is true what Gordon Gecko said about greed being good. It’s essence is what drives people to work, get that bigger TV, the phone, education, etc. My philosophy on the ‘rich’ is without them most of todays society and infrastructure would fall apart in weeks.
    Weeks. Kill the Rich and you kill yourself. It would be a world full of Wal Mart shoppers without a Walmart to shop at….It’s all linked up. I do agree that the bonus’s and bail outs weren’t right – I wanted the banks and car companies to fail…that was the essence of capitalism that quickly turned into nationalism – thanks Bush and Obama…I could go on.
  •  My mini van:  It’s a 1995 Ford Windstar White Mini Van. I bought it with Enron money and paid it off with Enron money. My first wife wanted something to hold our two kids and tote shit around in. I got it in 1999 – thinking that once 2000 hit and everything goes to shit because of the Y2K bug – all payments and bills would be erased. I was wrong. I’m not a Ford fan and won’t ever be. I was forced to buy it under duress. It’s lasted 12 fucking years. Thats like 250 years in other car company years. It’s had it’s engine rebuilt thanks to some minimum wage ass hat at the 119th and Metcalf Walmart employee forgot to put my oil cap back on while some cheap idiot was the one who brought it to them in the first place because an oil change was $15.95. Walmart paid for my rebuilt engine because the Ford dealership said they ruined it. So I have a van bought with Enron money that Ford Co. intimidated Walmart to rebuild it’s engine. This van is destined to be great. In it’s current state the windshield wipers engine is broke, the back window that is supposed to slightly open hinge broke so is now held together by a rope. This past summer my daughter slammed my passenger door so hard it refused to shut so now thats held closed by a belt. The internal light in the floor boards will stay on for around 2 hours anytime you run it. THere’s a car door bell that stays on if it’s over 32 degrees and the car lights are on when your under 15 mph. It’s transmission knocks and sounds like a sledge hammer whenever I put into drive or go from 2nd to 3rd gear. There’s an ever growing rust wheel well growth on both sides of the rear tires. The AC needs recharged.
    Now the things that are good about it: It’s been paid off since 2002 – I cashed in some stocks of Enron to pay it off…before the debacle. It runs. I have no car payments of any kind for over 9 years! The heater works. It has cheap tires. It hauls shit. It holds my bikes. You can fuck it in without pulling a muscle. It gets stares from soccer moms in the golden ghetto like no other vehicle. These stares aren’t ones of envy but laughter. My driver side electronic window still works. The middle console lighter thing still works to charge my iPhone. It runs.
  • Being a Native American: It’s simply…Awesome. Besides mezzicans – which we are very closely related to besides the work ethics on gardening and road work – we are true americans. Yes, I’m a half breed much like a muggle but I consider myself a native. I mark all those census and applications as such. Why is it awesome? Self tanning.
  • Technology: gives me something to do other than read books.
  • America: The best country in the world and beyond. The ones who migrate here legally or otherwise are here for a reason.



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Done Hacked

I have respect for hackers. Then again when someone hacks you – I don’t..but then again it maybe my fault. I posted about my life this past week and somehow/someway it’s gone. I’ll summarize.

  • Playing WoW again – I took up Druid tanking. Fredler likes women with bewbies, Maji is a machine, the Fat Colombian (LOGTAR’D) lost his kingdom and some friends and I just got my Tyrael Mount! SWTOR is next month!
  • I have zero respect for anyone able bodied that lives off the Gov’ment and other people – namely  my step daughter’s boyfriend.
  • My daughters middle school ‘Blue Valley Middle School’ prefers to sweep bullying under the rug vs. taking actual action against the parents/children of the Golden Ghetto.
  • Time for another visit to Jersey!

That about sums up my hacked deleted post. It could either be my wife for naming her daughter’s boyfriend for being a deadbeat leech or Fredler who has man sex with Logtard and is protecting him from a mean American Indian. I think it was Obama.



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