AutumnKnight 375 & Karazahn

What seemed like a gaming eternity my AutumnKnight hit tailoring 375 this weekend. I spent around 500 gold to level her up from 368-375 cap. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Do not take up Tailoring skill if you aren’t into an expensive profession and mostly a waste of resources and gold. However, since I like to finish things I had to do this.

AutumnKnight ALSO get keyed up finally for Karazahn with the help of Laen and her numerous friends. Much thanks to all involved, pugs or guild wise!

Lastnight AK (AutumnKnight) also pug’d a Heroic Run of the Slave Pens. We only wiped twice, of which I had nothing to do with! =D She got a couple blues and the 3 boss marks! I hope to have a nice gear opening in the next few weeks with the marks. I also plan on doing Kara this week with Fatal Wound. A brief chat with Trippi (Fatal Wounds GM) and AK will hopefully be a back up healer or mains. We’ll see.

More laters.


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