Tempest Keep…wha??

Logged in around 6:30 and about 3 mins in I get a tell from Mourningview (former guild mate back in the day..he’s now lead officer in another guild and supa-tank.) He asks if I want to run TK..I reply 26 sec late “Yes.” lol

Fly on out and am surrounded by Netherdrakes, Epic Flying Mounts are cheap around here. I sit on my Eagle looking mount and realize I am def. low man on this loot totem, so really, besides the experience of it, which is invaluable I’m just going to have an expensive repair bill. =D

25 man raid, load up a new Vent version and log in. Oddly only 5-6 people are chatting…Whos, Motox, Mourning and couple others. Buff ups and run it. Trash mobs are easy enough as well as a couple boss’s. Its 2 hours into it when we hit the Void Reaver and his specials are these ‘splodin Orbs doing 4500-6k damage. You are supposed to run 20 yds away from the orbs less you take that smack in the face. 3 Main tanks on boss the casters/dps are in a circle throwing shit at him to really..no avail. All it takes is 1-2 healers (total was 6) get sploded to wipe us.
VR upclose
Let the finger pointing begin. Healers. =D Our 2nd try was better than first but still wipe. Healers blamed. 3rd time was a Chrissie Oops..too close to mark. 4th try was Healers again not living thru the bombs and/or avoiding them. 5th try I died from the orbs as well. lol This 6th try is again the Healers and the fact we are not getting enough DPS on the Boss. Taking too long. I have a Soul Stone on me for this 7th try as the respawn timer is up. We wipe (40%) and I pull the SS. Except….the locks in the raid “released”…meaning we will now have to reset the instance………you know what happens next. The raid falls apart.

I repair or 23.6 gold and call it a night. Laen is asking for help but am kinda spent on 3 hours of button pushing. Still, I learned some things about Tempest Keep. =D And we DID get the Void R to approx 29% life. It would have been a server first boss downage for Azshara..both Alliance and Horde. Hopefully I will be invited back.


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