Bugs, Bugs Bugs. Looks like it wasn’t a Azshara server issue lastnight and during the daytime. The rolling restarts, unable to go into Battlegrounds, Instances was the major issues. I still am amazed at Blizzard’s response time and attention to these issues. This, coming from years of dealing with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) with Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard and others. Customer service is an afterthought to that company.

My weekend in WoW was low key with no heroic runs or kara. I did help a lot of guildies with Blood Furnace, Ramps and even tried Shadowlabs a couple times. (no avail). Sunday’s I usually focus on profession leveling, this weekend was no exceptions with Wootbeer Cooking. As of last night she’s sitting at 233 cooking, not bad considering she was at 15 on Friday. =D Seems I need to find some new areas to farm meat.

We added some fresh faces this weekend with 4 new recruits while having lost 3 members to perhaps greener pastures. They come, They go. The good thing being it was 2 new 70’s and a couple 60’s. Some are from the recent free transfer. That’s a good thing.

Our Friday Meeting was a success, lasted approx. 45 mins. We talked about schedules for Kara attunement, Bank Repairs are offline due to members taking advantage of the benefit, Recruitment guidelines (min level 60, mature acting and preference for Healers and Tanks). Discussed the pro’s and cons of OPEN recruitment vs. limited (which is what we have now) and we are still on limited recruitment. I don’t want or have any inclination to manage 300-400 people. I’m very very happy with a solid base of 100 active players. (or less). Lastly I chatted with key officers and selected “LAEN” as our Player of the Month January 2008. She was given a 16/18 slot bag, 50 gold and Guild Cheers for doing an excellent job helping others, offering advice for others, leading instances and taking the initiative. Congratz to Laen! She will be leaving for Japan and joining her husband end of this month so her time is very limited, be sure to wish her a safe trip.

Starting Saturday I am auctioning items from the Guild Bank. These items are ones that “sit” in the bank with apparently no use to the guild members. All proceeds minus my listing fees go directly back into the Bank. I am using “Pinkney” and “WookieLuv” for auctioning, you will note the gold deposits in the Log. I will do this whenever it is needed. If you are an officer of Rank: Senior and below, please see on the officers ranked above you to request any items needed from the bank. You can check the guild ranks in the Guild tab.

As for this week, I’m going to look for some Heroics and hopefully get a run in Kara with AK. My time though is iffy since I have my kids this week. ~ WookieLuv


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