Snow is teh suck

I’ve lived in Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Florida, Missouri and currently in Kansas. No other state *including Mizzou* has such extreme weather changes. Yesterday was lower 60 degrees. Now. Snow, Ice and 13 degrees. I’m done with it. Bring on the summer!!!!!!

Tonight in the World of The Old School Guild I think we’re going to try the Steam Vaults and get a few of the guildies they’re 2nd Key fragment. If not that, then I plan on doing my usual dailies (cooking, pvp and Sha’tar Skyguard bomb runs) or..if I’m lucky, Alix will log and I can help her out!

Hopefully in the coming week or two I will get our guild a Ventrilo server and get us chattin it up! Most likely get a 25 person Vent. Only 13.00 a month. Woot! Female not included.


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