Back to the Past : Zul’Gurub


Zul’Gurub was the last (next to AQ) 20 person raid in the time before Burning Crusade (BC). This weekend after our meeting I had a brain fart (storm?) that perhaps we should have a guild raid on this outdoor instance in STV. The only time we’ve ever raided as a guild was a short lived and painful ass whooping at the Crossroads. We did hold it for 15 mins before our groups got divided and conquered. Since then we’ve not done a 100% guild raid. Well, we did lastnight!

Our GMOTD (Guild Message of the Day) posted 4 days spammed about our raid. I get the subsequent “What’s ZG?” “What time?”, “When?” “What?”. (note the time and place was on the gmotd). lol I think reading is something people in general need to brush up on.

What’s great about ZG is that you can be level 57 on up to run it. We have several upper 50’s, alot of mid 60s and over 20 70’s so we had a nice mix. As we gathered in STV meeting stone we went from 5 to a raid of 14! One issue was I was the only healer beside Biegstvo (Druid) planning on Sheep was essentia. We had 4 mages, 3 hunters, 3 Warriors, 2 Locks, 1 Druid and Me..AutumnKnight Priest Holy/Disc spec. I lead the Raid with explanations, marks and etc.

We ended up only wiping twice! That was from feared or unseen NPC’s..mostly fear. We took down 3 of the High Priests and had 3 Epics drop. =D Our group was very well organized despite the following: Looting while in combat. GOOD LORD. This happened throughout the instance even with me explaining it at least 4 times. Deathmore (our tank) was loosing his patience. LOL So I changed it to Master Looter. We ended the instance with the downing of 3 bosses so we can try later today and tomorrow (3 day reset). I think…I’m new at these kind of raids.

KUDOS to those who showed up! Great Work! This place is a great place for us to learn how to work together in a Raid setting. ~ AutumnKnight/Wook


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