Watching the clock.

It’s 11:32 A.M. and I’m ready to go home. Log on. Check my favorite websites. Eat something decent. Kiss my AlixAndria.

Alas, lastnight my computer showed tell tales signs of overheating. Shut down 5 times in 2 hours. Made for a short night on WoW/Web time. Hopefully, it’s ONLY the cooling. Granted, I’d love a new computer but since my Cadillac fiasco last week, my budget is on a leash. No more $300.00 an/hour “Massages”. /sigh

Planning (if I can log on for more than 20 mins) to get an exact head count of the guild to who needs what for Karazahn. We need to see the entrance ASAP!~ I’m getting anxious, as well as other guild members. I know theres maybe 5 of us ready to go. Good thing on that is Wootbeer (tank/prot) and AutumnKnight (Holy/Disc) are good to go. Tyiako, Laen, Deathmore are all good to go. We shall see if the majority of the 70’s get their shit together.

My weekend looks to be mostly rest and relaxation. I may go to one of the kid’s games? *shrug* More lates. ~ Wook


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  1. Biegstvo

    Do you have any built-in motherboard thermometers or fan meters? Sometime it shows you in BIOS, like temps and everything. That could be something to check. Maybe try switching out parts(if you have any). I guess it would be hard to tell since it works fine for hours on end.

    Best of luck,
    Your furry lazy tank guildie

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