What a suck ass weekend for my internet connection, my computer overheating and the lack of green. I really try to always look on the bright side of things. Despite my mothers’ insistence on life is teh suck. Maybe she’s the one who drove me to seeing my glass of Grape Juice being Half Full. My attempt at being the rebel, the opposite, the one who needs positive things in his life. Or maybe not. So, yeah my computer keeps acting like a spoiled brat 3 year old. Which in computer time a 3 year old comp = 15 years. I cleaned it out, opened the side up and have a direct flow of cool air on the MB. Our internet is another story. TimeWarner Cable is fuckin with us. Daily. It’s as if they WANT us to go to another provider but are counting on our (my) laziness on not switching, going thru the hassle. And their right. Ok..enought negativity.

As most would know by now the NY Giants won lastnight in SB 42. Gratz! You certainly deserve it. 75% of the game sucked. Last 10 mins..not so much suckage. The commercials sucked. My favorite ones were the racially inspired SalesGenie and Will Farrell Bud Light.

WoW wise weekend. Mix mash. With my comps and internets sucking I could never get my chi flowing. We had started a ZG run again but 1 hour into it my comp BOOMED’D. I had to call my homie Dave to let everyone know I couldn’t get back online. (Dave = Windamar). Apparently the group broke when they found out. We had some pugs in it was inevitable. PUGS SUCK. lol (Didn’t I say no more negativity??) I think the next 20 person raid is going to be AQ. Step it up a notch.

Work chat in WOW is slow today. Meh. I need to relax on a beach somewhere with the following: Sunblock, case of Corona, Bait and Tackle, iPod, Sunglasses, Laptop (duh), shorts and flip flops. Next to me is AlixAndria, topless. Maybe bottomless, depends on where exactly we’re at. THEN I can recharge my cynical batteries……..


This week in the guild, all times 8pm ST. (server time)

If anyone wants to amend the Schedule please send me a ingame PST or post on our rarely used Forums.


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