Talon King or Chicken Fingers?

By the way– click here for a hello from “Laen”. =D

Talon King Ikiss – we had a very successful run last-night with AutumnKnight, Dreamofme, Amyndrana, Alagorn and Dragnort. 4 squishies and a lump of fur. =D I think we all we’re a bit rusty the first 10 mins. A couple deaths and proper marks made the difference. We breezed through most of it until a bad pull of birds. Wow those things are annoying. 1200 damage knock back swoop. lol


We lost Dragnort 80% into the run (poor fella) but luckily there were 22 people online and most are DPS so we added a 3rd Mage to the group. 3 Sheeps? Yes, please. We are on Talon King and go thru the boss specials and proceed. On the first 15 seconds our new mage dies. Don’t think she made it to a pillar in time. =P Talon gets down to 60% when our other two mages go down…but not before they blow him up for about 49%. All that’s left standing is one badddd asss bear and me. With 80% mana leftover *thank god* Talon’s special is to do arcane and polymorph the 2nd threat listing (me). Whenever I can I heal *full* up Amy. I proceed to get Poly ever other time, healing me up nicely, thank you Talon! lolz After 5 mins– we 2 manned the King! Everyone gets their Key and he drops : Hallowed Trousers (which I “need” and Deathforge Girdle we have to DE. All in all a very nice run. Kudos to the guild!


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