It seems a 2001 Mazda Protegé can drive just fine in the midwestern snow and ice. Even with low profile tires. That’s not a good thing when you dreamt of staying home in a nice and toasty environment. Eating some Ramen Noodles later on, loggin in (*IF I could) leveling up some lowbie toon. Watch a couple HBO flix, taking a nap later on while you drift away watching the snow fall. See, to me thats a pretty good snow day. Instead, I drove nearly an hour to get here. Here being work. Here, where 75% of the staff DID stay home. More than half the art dept. are sleeping in right now. Bitter? No. Unhappy? Yes.  I’ll get some work done. Post on various forums. More work, read my bo..FUCK! I left my book at home…I read Alix a short story in bed lastnight and forgot to grab it before I left. Grrrr…

See, I used to smoke on my breaks. At 10 am and 3pm I’d go out and have a Basic 100 filter. This is my (our) 3rd time quitting and have been smoke free since Sept 11, 2007. Before that we (Alix and I) were smoke free for 6 months…then the time before that we went 18 months. Smoking killed my mother 18 months ago. Lung/Brain cancer. I watched her wither away. It is a terrible way to go. She smoked since she was 14 years old…she died at the age of 61. So…beside my mother and the obvious reasons for quitting…we quit. AND my breaks would be filled with Stephen King, Stephen Hawkings, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, James Patterson and the Magic the Gathering series. I tend to read 2 books a week. (work week) and prefer them to be more action packed vs. slow and building. So…umm..yah…I forgot my book so I will read one of my older ones today. (re-read).  The book I left at home was Stephen Kings short stories Night Shift.

Cable gods willing I can log in tonight and help my online brothers and sisters get ready for Karazahn and beyond. My luck with our internet has been very very very low.  I hope to get some dailies in and perhaps get my Chocolate Cake recipe for Wook. I think I’m only missing maybe 2-3 other recipes for cooking. In real life my menu recipes can be counted on both hands. No feet. I would LIKE to be a good cook, I want to make things, create edible art, make people burp and fart with smiles…instead I’ll settle for being good looking.


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