Saturday Night Fever Meeting

Lastnights guild meeting was a rehash over the following topics. Karazahn, Guild Bank, Ranks & Promotions, Addons and the vent server.

  • Once we get 10+ members Kara-zized we will have Fri and Sat nights designated for the runs. Fri @ 7pm ST (Server time) and Sat @ 6pm ST. We also decided going the master looter route and simply having the class roll for the loot.
  • Guild Bank is now changed to 1 item per tab per day. Meaning you can take out 1 item per day on each tab. Let’s hope people don’t take advantage of this. Please remember if you plan on using the bank you MUST deposit 5 gold.
  • Ventrilo server will be used in the very near future. I’ll post if we get a borrowed server or if we get our own.
  • Addons– The only way to do end game instancs you HAVE to have the threat meter addons and Deadly Boss Mods. There is no exceptions. Period. I will not (and others) not run with you if you do not have the add ons.
  • Any rank questions please see our forums and blog.

This weeks schedule for Kara attunement are Monday, Wed & Thurs Nights starting at 7-8pm ST.


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