Our second attempt!! Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a primer for the evening. Alix and I were running Mara, actually I was boxing since she had to drop off her daughter for a church teen retreat. Me and Alixandria (my cat) and me as WookieLuv took down Princess in mere seconds. Yes, I’m that good. She drops an epic! My love’s first Purple! (It counts as hers since she pulled up in the drive-way as I looted). Raid on Kara is at 7 pm, time is 6:57 pm. Timing is everything. Log AutumnKnight start raid. Guess what? No tanks or paladins are online. None. Zero. Zip. From this week on we will have a sign up sheet on the forums. If you sign up please be there. I understand if real life comes up and is totally acceptable. 35 mins pass and still not ONE warrior logs on. We have 8 guildies in the raid. Of which I am very thankful and appreciative for being on time and ready to go. They are ; Laen, Tyiako, AmyD, Dreamofme, Wasteofskin, McTeague, Sabinata, AutumKnight with me calling into Trippi from Fatal Wound for a Tank and Heals. He sends us Leemeng and Sparhawk (thanks guys). After some timing issues and respawns we FINALLY take down Nightmare and Attumen!!! Our first Official downing of a Karazahn Boss! Took some time getting to this point but damn it feels good to be a gangsta.


Loot dropped::



Next was some interesting pulls on the stairs on the way to Moroes. Honestly I was so happy with downing Att that no matter what happened the night was a success! I get some tells saying this will be tough and I agreed as my past experience with Moroes was a bitch. However, tonight was ours. A couple wipes from the dispells of the Shackles we took him down on the 3rd try! It really was all about the Ice trap and Shacks…once we got those on– it was over. GREAT JOB!


Loot Dropped::



We had another drop but forgot what it was….it was a long instance. LOL Now it’s around midnight and we’re on Maiden of Virtue– we lose a raider and get Saphair to join- takes awhile since Horde are dime a dozen outside the instance. We fail due to line of sight dispells and position of healers. Holy Fire at 3500 +1750 every 2 secs tends to hurt. We lick our wounds and call it a night, a very successful one! Tonight looks like part 2 after our old school AQ raid. Thanks to all who help make it so!


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