Time’s are a Changin..or are they?

 Last Saturday’s guild meeting was a very ill timed one at best. It was supposed to be about a new ventrilo server hosted by Windamar and paid for ingame by our guild members at 10g per month. Very good deal!  We also spoke about an idea Wind and I mulled over a few times ingame and in our real lives over the phone. See, we’ve met up in real life had a brew and chowed down a few months back at a local Pub. A friendship was born and since the meet up have become very good friends. 

The “idea” stemmed from some guild issues. As before when I came back from a self imposed hiatus from the game, Old School had swelled to unimaginable size…I’m talking GIRTH of over 350 members– of which about 80% active. Well– with the influx of new recruits not just from our sister guild of “The Old School Academy” but from other pickups our Kara prepped and almost keyed 70’s we’re at times being monopolized by members under 70. This was rampant in the ONE guild this past summer. We could not progress as most of the time was spent helping**** other guild members. **** THAT IS the function of this guild– to help eachother**** do not get me wrong and perhaps that maybe the core of the confusion.  


I wanted to update our guild rules on what the qualification should be. Windamar wanted to make a new guild. I took it personally as affront to break the guild up. Was I wrong in assuming that? Maybe…maybe not. End result was several key officers are now gone. I am a reactionary person at heart, I rarely take actions negatively on my own unless provoked. I felt that the members I have helped “raise” from very low levels and help along the way were being torn away from this guild. I should have said that directly to Windamar on the phone but it literally took a day later for me to feel that way. My friendship slowed my reaction. And I KNOW I over reacted that night and I offer my apologies here and have ingame. I also know it’s too late as the damage has already been done on both sides of the coin. It was never my intention to cause people to leave or upset my closest friends.


My goal for this guild is simple. Have fun and make new friends along the way. We don’t play this game to make enemies, piss people off, disrupt others and tell others what they can and cannot do. 


I extend Windamar, Amy and any others that left from this to come back to Old School an open invitation. I would also like to introduce a definite VOTE on the Ranks of Ambassadors and Field Marshals before anyone can kick them, including me. **** there are exceptions**** (racial comments, sexual harrassment, bigotry and religious persecution as well as any type of harassment).


If this does not happen I totally  understand how you feel and wish you the best of luck online and offline. If you wish to be invited back please PST me ingame or contact Laen, Tyiako, Saphair in my absence. Thanks!




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