Laen’y wed. Rockets win. KU rox!

A very interesting and fun weekend indeed. Starting with Thursday night at the Sprint Center suite and my beloved Nebraska beating Mizzou. Friday was a relaxing evening with the lady of my life, we did go out to eat to Applebees and had some Nacho Nuevos and Sampler with her two beautiful daughters. I mutli tasked by watching the Huskers have a very impressive first half. I knew deep down it was only temporary because KU is just that good. We looked at 300-400.00 puppies next door at Petland, had some coffee without wearing mock turtlenecks and goatees. I only logged on briefly to WoW, mostly to do my Cooldowns and check mail and see how many people left or joined our guild. 2-2. (Lost 2 gained 2). Saturday was up at 5:25 am to take Raechel to the airport for her trip to her dads for spring break in Colorado. We hit the Casino afterwards for a comp’d breakfast and some decent winnings. My money was made on Poker (video). I logged in a bit again to see what was happening, Laen and Co. were online. =D Nice seeing regulars online and the newbee’s.  Later that afternoon we took daughter #2 to the airport again, this one is headed to Fort Lauderdale. (lucky). We then went to Alix’s brothers house for some BBQ and Soprano’s watching (they have never seen the last year run of episodes). Headed home at 8:30 so I could log on to be a witness to Laen’s wedding to her real life man. (Mewfox). Took some screenies and will post this week. Nice ceremony indeed, had about 15-20 people show up and dance the night away. Gratz to Laen!  I logged shortly after.Bought the new release of BLADE RUNNER extended DVD.Sunday…a quiet day. Alix worked. I played WoW most of the morning and afternoon. Goal for Autumn is to get some decent Vindicators gear and trinkets…or I may just bank the honor and wait for the Patch to come out. I’m sitting on about 12k honor with her…enough for 1 trinket. KU won the Big 12 tournament vs. Texas and it was a classic matchup with over 10 lead changes. AND My Houston Rockets have now won 22 straight beating Lakers yesterday. WOOT!!!


 Schedule for the guild will be updated tonight. I’m leaning towards some Heroic runs. SV, UB, etc.Good Day.~Wook 


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