Karazahn this weekend! Sign up!


 ::UPDATE 3/19/08:: I (AutumnKnight or Wootbeer) will not be able to attend Friday’s event. I will look for my replacement. We are planning a Karazahn Guild sponsored run this coming Friday at 8pm Server Time with continuation on Saturday Night also at 8pm ST. Whatever we don’t finish up we can PUG it until Tuesday. I’m up for simply going in and farming trash mobs if things don’t pan out with a well rounded group. Keep in mind we must have the following make up for a solid group.

  • Minimum of TWO Hybrid or Protection Spec Tanks
  • Min of 3 healers; can be Priests, Shamans, Paladins or Restos Druids.
  • Min of 1 Hunter for CC with traps. (Moroes)
  • Solid DPS which we tend to do fine with. =D 
Some of the spots are interchangeable like the Druids and Shamans. Please note I don’t advertise this for obvious reasons but if you plan on being a part of a regular Kara raid the guild bank will repay your expenses on a respec in order to help our raid. Just PST me ingame and I can take care of that. If you do become a regular raid you will also have access to the guild bank Tab that has special items for the Kara raids. AND….all your repairs for the evening will be comped with the guild bank. i.e. all repairs are FREE AFTER the end of the run (night). We have a special rank for such purposes. All these perks are to make sure we are all having fun and not taking this too seriously. Although we do have certain expectations.
  • Be on time. We will allow a half hour window from the start time. However if your spot is filled by someone who was on and SIGNED UP on the forums then you will be on the reserve list. Don’t get pissed off at me for you being late. 
  • Be prepared. This means have your potions, bandages and reagants ready. Don’t ask for these items in the middle of the raid, if you do be kind and TIP. We should have a mage table available to us but don’t count on it.
  • Have your armor and weapons REPAIRED before going in. *unless you are Honored with the faction & we get that far.*
  • Take 5-10 mins of your time and read up on the instance. Most of us are still new to the instance and any tips and tricks will save us time and cost. 

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