New Rules on Recruits & Twinks!

All new recruits via pugs, friends *not real life* and others will have a new MINIMUM LEVEL of 65. This also includes anyone from TOSA (The Old School Academy) who has less than 6 months membership in that guild. Over 6 months membership in TOSA they are “grandfathered” in and may join Old School anytime. Several reasons come into mind as to why the change for min level. Being a min level of 65 will give us more time to do end game instances and raids. More time for fun, less time leveling. Simple. Changes go into effect now.The exceptions are: — friends in real life, family members and any member in The Old School Academy with membership dated from 6 months onward. Please PST me ingame or email with any questions or comments on this change.   TWINKS! Starting last week some members have been at work on making our OFFICIAL Twink rank come alive. Twinks are made for Battleground PvPing. These toons are at the max level of the battleground requirements  such as level 19, 29, 39, 49, 59. The idea behind this is pure unadulterated FUN and Kickin ASS. It also helps you learn how to work as a group with set goals.’s kickin ass. With this specialized rank “TWINK” you become one with the guilds top members and gank unsuspecting horde!All you have to do is make a new character or if you have one already under the level of 19 your good to go. We will ALL help eachother do the appropriate instances to get THE GEAR and our fellow enchanters, leatherworkers, tailors will help with the enhancements to get the very best you can get. It’s a group deal so no takers…you must also help others thru runs and with gear. Once we get a nice group going we will be doing scheduled and unscheduled PREMADES into WSG (Warsong Gulch). In NO time you will max out on Honor Gear!If you make one please let me (WookieLuv, AutumnKnight), Tyiako, Laen or Mikkiel know about your new toon so we can set your appropriate rank. Please note this is for Old School & TOSA members only. Thanks 


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