Still playing….

marshmallow_bunny_wallpaper_by_kasy_05.jpgI would love 50 more design options. I think this one NOW is the best for simplicity and ease on the eyes. As mentioned a couple days ago I won’t be available for tonight’s raid on Karazahn. I have not found a replacement other than giving someone my account information so they can log in and play Wootbeer. (yeah right.) I messaged all the contacts last night and most we’re already in Kara or are/will be busy. Alix and I will be attending her daughters birthday and then going to another birthday party (Hobies ex-fiance) Kiki. Looks to be a long night.Lastnight was fruitful for me in BG’s with AutumnKnight. I actually won a AV and it was my daily. I haven’t won in 2 months. TWO! MONTHS! She now has 13k honor. I can’t decide if I should wait for the patch or til I hit 17.5k to get my boots for her. I think it would be best to wait and see what they do with the new patch. Well I think this is the most “clean” look for the site and will keep it for a while. If you guys and gals ever want to respond to one or more of my postings please do so. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! 


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  1. Saphair

    I may not respond but i do read it, great fun on the last kara run. I really want to take care of hunter. I like the idea of not having to get everyone keyd what a drag. Looking forward to great drops.

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