Let’s do the Timewarp Again!!

I guess time’s are a changing! I’m going to regroup the guild into being more (as much as I can) GROUP oriented. Set days and nights for scheduled events. The recent Karazahn  weekend produced very limited success and basically we need to get more tanks and healers up and running. I know this will change with the patch in that we don’t have to do all the key quest attunements. Phew. My wish is for that to happen THIS week. I also changed my view on new limit of level from 65 back to 60. 60-70 isn’t that bad and if we cannot help those people under 70 then what’s the point of this guild? Tyiako and I chatted briefly lastnight and are on the same page in regards to that change/update. It’s best to have 60’s in the guild so they and we can learn our specific roles and get to know each other. Makes sense.Please look here for the new schedules as well as the GMOTD (Guild Message of the Day) and our Forums


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