My back…..

WOOT!!Circa 1984. I used to break dance. I was damned good too! I would go to “Merry-Go-Round” for my skinny ties, finger tip gloves, bandana’s any gear I remembered from the movies “Breakin”. & ‘Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo!”. I would practice on 4’x4’ linoleum or a cardboard box. I even belonged to a “crew” with my best friend “Bill Beal” along with his older brothers. We performed at parties and almost had a contract to teach at a local gym. I was über cool. I also played a lot of sports; Basketball, Track, Football, Baseball, Soccer…I also weighed a buck twenty-five. My back was strong like 4-shot espresso (non-Starbucks). Now, after several sports injuries and weight gain my back is teh suck.  Having a slipped disc is likened to someone poking their finger in a specific spot on your back 24/7 then bitch slapping you with a 45 lb catfish every time you move a certain way. I see a chiropracter (sp) when I need to and this week I plan on seeing one. Point is…take care of your back. Bend your knees when picking something up! Exercise! Don’t stop playing sports just because you got married and had kids. Sit up straight! Don’t slouch! Breakdance! Apologies for lastnight and not logging in…see above.  Oh….and for some real gaming!! Check out this famous clip…….(for you mages and shamans). LIGHTNING BOLT!!!  


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  1. I have not laughed this hard in a while!

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