Happy Friday!!!


This has been an unusually long week. Yes? Yes. I’m enjoying my new job, logged in less this week to World of Warcrack (approx. 4 hours this week), saw my chiro, helped my daughter with a school project that she got a “C” on because she lacked a “closing” letter (the part I helped with she got an “A”), lost a couple lbs due to muscle relaxers. !!! Go Meds! Plus I got some extra freelance work. 


Still…its been a long week. Maybe it’s because it feels like SPRING should be here…and some day’s it feels like it. Kansas and Missouri is arguably the most erratic weather in the country. Extremes is an understatement. Wow…I’m talking about the weather. How sad. /sigh. Alix rented ‘The Mist” lastnight and it was 90% kick ass. The 10% (the ending) was teh suck, and like most Stephen King books/movies he never quite delivers 100% (cept maybe MISERY). But it is a definite RENT ME movie.  

 I will be looking next week for a VENT server as some have expressed interest and seems fine. I’ll spring for it. See everyone online this weekend and god bless! 


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