It’s a pArTy!


We’re having a party this coming Friday Night at Goldshire (South of Stormwind) starting at 8pm server time. Why? Why Not. I’ll be brining the Kegger and some Pinot. Please try and show up for a minimum of 20- 30 mins. Should be a great time for meet and greet as well as enchants, trades, duels and dancing. I expect all Ambassadors & Field Marshals to be there! Or you shall receive a thumping from AutumnKnight! Feel free to invite your friends and pass along to our brothers and sisters in arms at THE OLD SCHOOL ACADEMY.

Please Post in the COMMENTS page if you plan on attending! PLEASE!!!!!

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One response to “It’s a pArTy!

  1. I will be there in some form of WOokieLuv. (AutumnKnight, Wootbeer).

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