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Jenna Haze does IDL.

It was the IDL pullie that went bad on the van. That Acronym for a car part runs along the lovely invention of the Serpentine Belt. Whoever invited the Serpentine belt also invited pimples. We can clone humans but can’t make independent motorized parts. Before you tell me we do, apparently in 1995 you couldn’t with Ford Windstars. We guessed this little deal will set me back $200.00 with towing, parts & labor. My goal of acquiring a Mac Pro Book maybe off a little now, rarely do I save up for a large purchase (I tend to have the money and buy it as I am King of impulse buying). We will see. 

Lastnight I farmed more water primals (got 4) then helped our local colombian logtar get Herrods Shoulders and a Second Helm in Scarlet Monastery Armory side. I tried it first with Devo but I am not used to running him in instances so my balance of mana and life was apparent. That and Logtar kept running around like a scared little lamb aggroing the rest of the room. Enter stage left Wookieluv. We cleared Armory twice in 40 mins. Next will be the Citadel side. =D 

As I predicted members online has been low lately. We used to have 13-20 online at night, now were around 5-8 per. We are also around 120 members now with recent departureS. =D 




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FORD = Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge

On my way to dropping off my son to school the belt gave out and exploded in a puff of smoke and I was lucky enough to pull off the road into a parking lot. My son walked the 2 blocks to school. (recalls walking to school blinded, barefoot backwards in a blizzard uphill both ways) So my vehicle will be opened up and prodded by my auto mechanic saavy inclined fiance Alo! Lke most things it’s not just the knowledge it is the RIGHT TOOLS to get a job done and I believe we are lacking in the good tool department. We’ll see. I really don’t want to spend my Tax Relief check at the local “Let’s gouge you over and take all your money car repair shops”. Please. Although it could be worse. Wish us (her) luck tonight.  And if I can make it back (we will) and my mood is good, I’d like to see about getting another run for Sethk Halls or something to do with Lower City. Maybe Shadowlabs? We had an excellent run lastnight with : Wootbeer, Sabs, Tyiako, Shoxam and Dragnort. Only wiped once. =D Damn Fear Birds.  Maybe this time around we can get a tank to go so I can get AK or Wook the reputation they are lacking. /shrug Thanks again to those who went!!!

Btw, I do not like Ford Cars. Mustang, yes. Other than that, my personal and financial experiences with Ford cars and vans is pure SHIT. They should call them for what they are. Temporary/Recyclable Vehicles. Good for 75k miles or less. Beyond that, your pushing your luck and wallet. Why do I have a Ford car? Ex wife. Why did I ever own a Taurus? Ex wife. That and I never had a Ford before, how was I to know? My list of cars in order.

  1. 1970 MG Midget (somewhere in Orange City, Iowa storage center)
  2. 1979 BMW 525 (sold to my best friend Abe)
  3. 1983 Peugot (burst into flames with my son in back seat, I saved him but not the car)
  4. 1984 BMW 733i (sold to co worker)
  5. 1987 Buick LeSabre (note I’m married now) See below ( I loved this car)
  6. 1986 Ford Taurus (transmission fell out 1 month into ownership)
  7. 1995 Ford Windstar (broke down with belt issue)
  8. 2001 Ford Contour *ex wife sold my buick while I was out of town to buy me this POS as a present* She traded in 2 years ago for another car. She filed 34 days later)
  9. 1995 Cadillac Deville (needs new brake work)
  10. TBD. soon!  this spring!!!! god willing.
I did have a hummer. Once.
God speed.

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A Nebraska Farmer.

Me being knocked down by a Rogue. My kite string broke. Circa 1976

For those in the know of farming motes in WoW there is a special bond. A bond where we know what it takes to make a primal. We know what it takes to make 10 primals only to convert them into another item, an enchant, a robe, bag, etc. We spend countless, thankless hours on the plains, on fiery mountain tops, in acidic waters, underwater, in marshes battling not only the Elementals that hold these precious items but our common enemy the Horde. That was the my wow weekend besides my Battlegrounds and a failed attempt at Karazahn Friday Night. Don’t get me wrong about motes/primals because these primals sell for a lot of gold. Typical price is 30g per primals (not including earth). I farmed 25 Water Primals (250 motes) and 20 randoms over the weekend and I still need 17 more for Autumns enchantment on her Weapon. /sigh I will get it done for I have the power of grayskull and backed by the almighty AlixAndria Love! The only thing that could stop me is the weather, us not paying the cable bill or I simply quit WoW. Dammit. janet. The cool side of the pillow is I’m using the ultimate in farming equipment. My Warlock ‘Devo’. He maybe short in stature like Tila Tequila but he and his minions pack enough punch to ward off all horde except the random Rogue catching me at 25% life and 10% mana. That was the only way this one Rogue could get me. He stalked me for 45 mins in the caves of Nagrand. Waiting, watching for me to make a mistake. Finally after getting my 35 bead for Kurenai rep (I made revered this weekend!!!!) I foolishly took on 4 NPC’s having been lulled into safety with the POWER of Fear behind me. BAM! Backstabbed. The Kidney shotted at 25%. I clicked 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 (my fear button) and it did go off with 3% life but I had spent my stone a few mins earlier (2000 life+) but it was too late, I went down. But not before I got off some DOTS so that when I looked up he was around 40%….he left the area before I could rez and kill his sneeky ass. But ya, if you want an efficient farmer, a killer spec DPS, a buddy minion go Warlock. You have soo many options with managing your mana, life, dots, self rez, and when your farming…the money comes easy. I was able to parlay Santha’s mount (she made 60!!) of 300g this weekend, made my 20 slot bag and sold for 425g, loaned out 600g last week, bought a 700g gun for Wook (Don Santiago’s Famous Hunting Rifle), So all in all if your a spender like me you can easily break even. Ok, for this weeks guild schedule look no further.

  • All week is Lower City Rep. This includes doing the dailies and instances. We all need lower city rep and the rewards are among the best.
  • Monday Night is Sethk Halls (Lower city)
  • Tues Night is Sethk Halls
  • Wed is Raid Halaa Night. Get your tokens and lets air bomb the frequently held Pvp area. Invite your friends. Be sure to pick up the quest in Telaar. (look for the blue exclamation mark)
  • Thurs Mana Tombs (lower city)
  • Friday Night is Karazahn. Please POST TO THIS to RSVP your spot. We will not be using the forums for signup, use this blog.
  • Sat Morning Battleground weekend and Twink leveling/pimpin out  — Sat Night Continue Karazahn.
  • Sunday is level up your profession and BG day. Help eachother out with materials they need. Group up for BG’s. Help farm. Group up!   If able we can also trash mob clean Karazahn for rep and high end green drops. 
Oh btw alix and I lost our collective butts off Sat at the Casino. I need to stay away from Slot machines. Play more Black Jack. Dammit. I was almost called over to the Texas Holdem Limit but didn’t wanna spend the entire day/night there. I’m a damned good poker player. =D


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Baileys from a shoe….


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The Night After; Guild meeting & Taco comes out of the closet.

We had our meeting lastnight and here are the highlights……………………..

  • Recruitment drive. Requirements min level 61 and trial period of 2 weeks. Candidates MUST BE ACTIVE and SOCIAL. Wallflowers need not apply. All members can NOW invite new members. We are looking for quality NOT quantity. 
  • Schedules for group raids on Karazahn, Rep Grind Nights and other Quest/Instances will be set up before end of the weekend. They will b posted on this blog and our forums. I am in the process of getting the guild a new forums.
  • Tyiako explained why he has been absent from guild raids. He is annoyed by the lack of preparation of guildies and the lack of focus some of you present. He went to say he will help those in who REALLY want it and not just giving lip service. It was the most he’s ever spoke in guild chat.
  • We have a brand new guild bank tab *thanks to Tyiako putting us over the 1000g mark. I changed the rules for using it as in 10 gold for people (NEW) to use/access it. All they have to do is make a deposit. If you don’t have 10gold you can make incremental deposits…but really…if you don’t have 10g then something is wrong. 
Overall the meeting was very successful. We discussed issues about using the blog and promoting the usage of our guild resources: Vent server, Forums, Blog, Bank. Our goal is to help eachother and quest/group more for a more fun experience when your online. Discussed the NEED for members to be participatory and take the intitative! I help you, you help me. 
Tonight is Karazahn at 8pm ST.  I will not be able to make it due to family events. Please use our vent, get pugs if you have to. Have a great weekend and see you online!  ~ Wook

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Pig Out. Miss ya Jenna Haze….

Name something you would categorize as weird.
Anal Bleaching.

What color was the last piece of food you ate?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?
5 but as I get older it will prolly go down. Cuz, I’ll need help from falling on my face as I am contemplating being a Carribe Drunk with Alix in my later years. I imagine us with a very nice Fishing Boat, Perma Tan, Old Milwaukee cans strewn about the beach. 

Main Course

Fill in the blank: I will _________ vote for ___________ in _______.
Refrain from voting this year. They all are unappealing to me. Obama… to me is a a sheep in a wolves clothing from L.L. Bean. He won’t win anyways, this is WHITE america. 


Describe your sleeping habits.

I tend to hit the hay around midnight, wake up just around 3 am (witching hour) go back to bed around 3:16 am then wake up around 5:30 from the girls rumbling around downstairs. Some females take an excessively long time to prepare for their day. I must have a cool temp. to sleep, can’t be too hot otherwise I squirm all night. Lights are ALL shut off. I tend to fart randomly earlier in the morning while sleeping. Nothing like a nice loud, vibrating FART to wake ya up at 4:34 in the morning.

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Ok…so your Brad Pitt.


I have my days and nights mixed up. IDK why I thought last night was our meeting when TONIGHT is our meeting. I also planned on karazahn impromptu run but the lightning prevented me from logging on. (Fry my computer & monitor for a purple and repair bill?) Kansas is a mecca from April to June for bad weather in the form of hail, lightning, tornadoes and flash floods. I do recall the last flood I was in but it was a late September at the infamous Chiefs game where it just started POURING and Lightning like I’ve never seen. Some locals may remember what I’m talking about. My father and I RAN to our car in mid shin deep water while bolts of lightning flashed around us. Meanwhile real people were dying from the floods, cars being washed in and around the Plaza. No, this isn’t what happened last night but I thought I’d explain my absence for a couple hours. That and I did watch American Idol and the Non-American Irish chick got booted. I overtly said that Non-Americans should NOT be allowed to compete. So as the show’s season progressed it seems Simon visited my blog here and listened. First they booted the Australian a few weeks back and finally got rid of the irish interloper. I think that only Americans with REAL american Accents should be performing. I think Paula Abdul could suck the chrome off a 1951 Mercury Bumper. I think the little Mon Chi Chi David Archuleta will end up in rehab before the age of 21 or his own dad will end up killing him. The emo from Mizzou will win it all because it’s redemption for Kansas Jayhawks winning the National Title in NCAA Basketball. I think I need a haircut. Logtar is mackin on all the waitresses whenever we go for lunch (kidding Bea). I guess midwestern chicks like Colombian accents who recently visit Great Clips. But that wouldn’t be the reason (chicks) for me to get a hair cut. Ease. Ease of not having to f**k with it in the morning cuts my prep time by a good 30 seconds. I’m all about 30 seconds. 

USACE Brush Creek Kansas City.jpg

My Alo’s son is in town for a few days, he flew in from Denver lastnight so besides tonights meeting I will be on “Sporadically” on WoW. He graduated HS last year and is in his “finding himself” stage so the time here in KC with his mom is highly treasured on both sides of the coin. That coin being Divorce. Divorce sucks for the kids but is great for the parents. I’m pretty much all over the board this morning. Maybe it’s my Wendy’s ¢.99 breakfast burritos (x 2) and Medium Coffee, chemically mixed I’m darn sure it’s not THE WAY to start your morning but I cannot have McDonalds or BK foods, THAT messes my tummy up. QQ

Lastnight when I did log back in I took Logtar and KcGeek thru Gnomer and they both got some very decent drops and I think I helped them improve their over all way of life for the 38 mins of the run. Kcgeek did his initiation fall from the elevator at the start of the run (as did Logtar last week…and no you didn’t “survive”.) I like playing with real lifers, it seems more real…so to speak. I made my Primal Mooncloth which gave me the ability to make another Primal Mooncloth Bag (20 slot) which, god willing is sold by the time I get home tonight for 450 gold. This would be my 6th bag i’ve sold, however the last one took me 2 tries on the AH to sell. I have ZERO competition. =D All proceeds go to a 2nd future epic flying mount for……………..Wookieluv or Devo or Wootbeer……..can’t decide yet…prolly Wook. I’m sitting at 3000 gold atm and if I’d only save it I’d be that much closer (again). 5000 gold does sound like a lot of gold but once you ride an Epic Flyer……..good lord, it’s very hard to go back. It’s like Christy Canyon vs. Jenna Haze….Oingo Boingo vs. Pixies……Bauhaus vs. Love and Rockets……English Beat vs. Mad House…..Moby vs. Eminem……Empire Strikes back vs. Phantom Menace……..Menace to Society vs. I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.    No comparison. If you ever hit 5000 gold (and you will)…then get a Epic Flyer. Trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong before? (Besides recommending you invest in Enron)???


On the sports side Kansas City has yet again proven that they are not only the Farm League for Major League Baseball but the NFL as well. Trading away Jared Allen (69) for 2.5 draft picks? Mmmk. It would be less of big deal IF the management of the Chiefs KNEW how to make the right picks. Anyone remember last year when we used a pick for a friggin Kicker? (who we later dropped in the season). Chiefs 2008 Season 5-11. I’ve never seen a city of Professional Sport franchises make such poor decisions. *golf clap* Wonder whats going to happen to his brand spankin new Sports Bar? 


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