Thursday is Kara


Please sign up on our forums for a spot reservation. If you sign up your spot will be held if your late up to 45 mins from the start time. Please try and be early. This run is set for 8 p.m. server time. Bring your potions, reagents and bandages. Kaari will be the point man for contact and organizing this raid. Be sure to congratulate him for his guild promotion from Senior Officer to Field Marshal. A few spots have already been rsvp’d…so don’t wait. 

BTW World of Warcrafts introduced a new CLASS today! Check it OUT!!!!!!!! 


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4 responses to “Thursday is Kara

  1. Saphair

    Yes im in save me a spot

  2. Saphair

    Good group check the link for info about Attunmen we took him down!!!

  3. Saphair

    Second boss we had major problems. Wiped and eventually gave up but it was fun. There was a suggestion that it would have been nice to have a shadow priest reason:

    Shadow Priests bring two distinct benefits to the group: Shackle Undead and health regeneration via Vampiric Embrace. The health regeneration is particularly valuable in counteracting the effects of garrote. The more damage your priest does, the less damage you raid group takes from the garrotes. Make sure to put the priest in the group with the least hit points in order to help keep them alive. The mana regen is also helpful early on as your group will usually burn a great deal of mana trying to tear down some of the adds quickly.

    See above link for more information.

  4. I would love to volunteer to be the SHADOW priest LOL.. unfortunately most of my gear is for Heals, but I think the ideal heal setup for kara is :
    1 Paladin
    1 Holy Priest
    1 Shadow Priest

    Very happy yall took down the first boss *again*

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