Americ….Irish…Australian IDOL


Why do we have an Irish & Australian contestants in ‘AMERICAN IDOL” ?  Shouldn’t there be a minimum of 10 years of living as a bonafied resident and citizen of the U.S.A. before they could be considered for “American Idol”? Isn’t it enough we have Outback Steakhouses & use Irish Spring & pretend to be Irish on St. Patty’s day?? Having thick accents other than the original AMERICAN accent with it’s variances from southern drawl, midwest non-accent to ‘brooklyn’ should be among the established rules that Simon (Brit) could enforce. Simon is exempt since he was the one with the original idea. Americans compete enough with these wacked out Irishmen/women plus the irritable god awful penal colony people of Australia. Good lord. Where is Ross Perot when you need him? (Actually he would make an excellent Judge for AI). My money is on the wanna-be emo rocker with fucked up hair (worse than mine) from Missouri, David Cook…to win it all despite the influx of the irish-outback invasion. I don’t remember his name let alone anyones except ousted “Chickeezeee”…of which..isn’t he from Nigeria? /sigh Maybe we can expand on this and make it race issue? Like have “Asian Idol”, “Mexican Idol”, “District of Colombia Idol” ? I’d watch that.  On a side note I have a challenge. Find me an American Idol video *you-tube* or whatever where Paula Abdul has an actual clear thought of speech longer than 20 seconds. I will Paypal you $1.00 if you do. Her speech is slurred, stuttered, jittery, broken and goes everywhere. I understand she maybe under a lot of stress with her job and I, myself do slur my words & mumble but I have an excuse. I’m not on T.V.So if can find a video of the above of clear, precise, normal speech lasting longer than 20 seconds…please post it and if I agree I’ll send ya ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR via PayPal.





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2 responses to “Americ….Irish…Australian IDOL

  1. b

    eh.. she is normal in almost all interviews on youtube. havent seen too many but she was totally normal in 90 % of the ones i saw. i think paula, on idol, just puts on an act, for ratings.

  2. Dizzle

    eh…. st “patty’s” day? It’s called either st. patrick’s day or st. paddy’s day.

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