Almost the weekend!


It seems maybe I was in a daze the past few months, in relation to my previous employer. Complacent was my middle name. One gets so used to certain environments, situations, life style and all things in-between. Whether or not these are good situations to be in is relative to those in the situation and/or looking in from the outside. I think a human being needs to be tested, pushed, nudged, prodded, slapped, kicked, pinched in order for them to get off their proverbial asses. Some more than others and some never need to see the signs that their lives need change. I tend to be the one who needs kicks and slaps. Time, to me is among the most precious resources if not the ONLY important resource we need to appreciate and NOT neglect. Use your time wisely and some times not wisely. Try and do something different each day just for the experience. That was my Jack Handey moment. No, really. My weekend looks to be fun and interesting with my kids being with me (finally), WoW Raid on Kara tonight, Friday night we have a guild party and ZG raid, Saturday is the PlanetComiconwhere we are going to meet R2D2 and other famous/semi-famous actors, actresses, artists & writers. KU plays in the FINAL FOUR Sat night. Sunday Alix and I are going to meet her close friend who is intown and drink some Irish brew in Weston, Missouri @ O’Malleys, with some very cool friends. This is time well spent. Family & Friends. Hope to see everyone at tomorrow night’s Spring Fling in Goldshire!  

Please note I added TWO new pages to the Blog. One is the SHOUTBOX for live chat/posting shoutouts & started a work in progress of “How To Play” your class characters. I would love experienced players to contribute to this page with a submission of article(s). You can email me HERE  



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2 responses to “Almost the weekend!

  1. Good friends and good times are awesome.

    Good player guides would be awesome because what I have found on the net so far has been either fluff or pay me and I will tell you.

  2. Unibody design, with a scratch-resistant, dual finish off, and two color choices—gunmetal dual-tone and gray silver.

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