Fifty 2.

Happy Anniversary AlixAndria!

The weekend lived up to it’s hype! Friday night our guild had party in Goldshire and about 20+ peeps showed up to dance, duel and get drunk! We headed over to Zul Gurub right after and downed 4 bosses and distributed 6 Epics. Gotta love purples! I even got myself an old school epic bow. We had ALL but 1 raid members from TOSA and OS..and the only one not in the guilds was our former guildy “zzchrisszz” whom joined us at the swoire earlier. Good times we’re had by all. Look for another guild run to ZG very soon! Thanks to all who came out and participated! /bow

Saturday was a Family Day of sorts as we headed out to the PlanetCon to see R2D2 Kenny Baker, and got to meet several artists, I prefer meeting fellow artists vs. browsing thru 100000 comic books. I met Dan Scott and Alix bought me 3 Prints! Signed of course. Thank you Darlin! We also got inspiration for our future Wedding Invitations (will post later). I will be designing the invitations and perhaps her future tattoo. My daughter met up with her favorite cartoonists and had the voice actor of Yoda  Tom Kane (Cartoon Network) play up his toon voice on some characters she loves. Odd thing is most of these artist’s live in the KC area, Dan Scott, the Yoda Voice fella, female artists (names escape me) and several others. Kansas City, artist mecca. Hmmm. We headed over to OLD CHICAGO for some late lunch, Alix and I shared the Calzone & Dip. NomNomNom! My new friend “Logtar” wasn’t able to make it to the festivities and we we’re looking forward to see him and his wife (she had to work). I even spied a few “Green Lantern” items I was sure he’d snatch up if he we’re able to make it. There’s always next year home fry!

Vince and I waited in line about 30 mins to see Kenny Baker and in that time Vince mentioned once he hits level 70 he MO is to quit….I relayed to him that at level 70 the REAL game begins, with his non-committal shrug he said “I’ve reach the pinnacle of all games except EQ and quit  them all!” Such a bold statement coming from a mage…. that’s the thing, WoW is so complete that it’s nigh impossible to “beat” the game or have a sense of completion in it’s entirety. I’ve become burned on the game but only after I lost all control over outside life, i.e. getting AutumnKnight to level 70 was a strain on my time with family..once I hit 70 with her I took a break and it helped big time. I think if you have preset notions on gaming or in MMO’s you are defeating the purpose. For me the purpose is to be the best at what ever you are doing ingame and make new friends. Friends being the key for me. I felt kinda bad when he mentioned he’s going to simply quit at level 70. Where’s MY motivation? LOL Keep me in the dark when you want to quit. Don’t give me a set time to break my friendship heart. Asshole. I have always preferred a quick break up vs. a long drawn out thing. I still Love Vince (no homo) and am pretty darn sure he will stick around at 70 and beyond. He’s a perfectionist and a collector at heart. He ain’t going NOWHERE!!!

Saturday Night we went shopping at Target for our sustenance. I prefer Target over Wal-Mart for most things and that includes the FOOD! I noticed as I was perusing the aisles that the store was full of women and men who don’t like sports. I was a walking-talking oxymoron as I love nearly ALL sports (Soccer isn’t a sport..btw) and KU was on TV vs. North Carolina. We pushed forth and I got home only missing the first 5 mins and WOW!!!!! KU kicked @ss!!! I made 3 new MtG decks while watching the game and Alix made us some dinner. Life is good. The crowds down on Mass St. we’re reminding me when my Huskers won the National Championship in 1994 & 1995. It’s an excuse to tear down public property, overt drunkiness and showing one’s Man Boobs. Let’s hope they can finish up the deal tonight vs. Memphis. Go JAYHAWKS!!!!!! 





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2 responses to “Fifty 2.

  1. Dragonflies rule! 😉

    Now that I am playing WoW I see level 70 as getting your black belt in a martial art… and my teachers always told me, when you reach your black belt you will just begin to be trainable. Sorry I could not make the various weekend festivities, would have loved to but there are plenty of other opportunities.

  2. Dragonflies are our ICON for our relationship. NP on the weekend, we’ve got plenty more to come!

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