KU Jayhawks!!!…and Twinks.

The Kansas Jayhawks picture I uploaded yesterday is of player Mario Chalmers, if anyone watched the game lastnight and the victory over Memphis you’ll remember his name for a loooooong time. He hit a 3 pt shot to tie the game and bring KU into over time and win it all. My daughters we’re hoopin and hawllin away lastnight while my son was mumbling curses against KU (he’s a Mizzou fan)– we rubbed his face in it only moments after the win. Waaaay back in 1990 I was scouting schools and KU was one of the choices, I was accepted at Ringling School of Art & Design and that was my 1st pick– KU 2nd… I ended up at my home town of Omaha/University of Nebraska. *see my father losing his job at ENRON.* QQ I made the most of it but my heartland love of colleges is Huskers & Kansas. (Ringling is an art school…they don’t believe in sports……). 

Lastnight I worked on my twink FOXYBISH whose a female sexy beast Draeni and Tyiako was able to run me through Deadmines /bow, though it was hard to focus (how hard is it to focus in DM?) when I was watching the game, helping my son with homework and chatting it up. I figure it will cost me 200-250g to get Foxy up and running the 19 Battlegrounds with enchantments and gear purchases. I’m also guessing it will take the rest of us in guild TWINKS to hit a premade in 3-4 weeks. If you ever get bored of leveling I highly suggest you make yourself a twink. Twinks are the upper crust toons capped out on ALL aspects of their class and gear. You should have all BLUE items, top level enchants, librams, maxxed skill sets on weapon proficiency and simply be the best geared & prepared one can for a level 19, 29, 39, 49, 50, etc. All you do is Battlegrounds once you hit your “9” level. Prior to that you only do quests involving gear and weapons to enhance your character and 95% involves being “run” through instances by higher levels (the higher level the less XP you get…which is the purpose) since nearly ALL the best items are BOP (Bind on Equip) you will gear up rather quickly with someone helping you. I don’t recommend going with a group of same levels for several reasons, especially if it’s a pug (pickup group). 1. You will have to roll for the good gear 2. Your xp bar shoots up too fast   3. Pugs are teh SUCK. Here’s a Wiki link of what Twinks are.. World of Warcraft Twink Be sure to explore the link as it specifcies the gear, class and info on where and what to do. If you do get into it, be warned it’s not for the light pocket people, it can be very expensive. 




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3 responses to “KU Jayhawks!!!…and Twinks.

  1. Man, twinks are expensive tho. You have to get a character or 2 to 70 to get all the money needed to deck out a lvl 19 twink. And maybe I am just lazy, but I have never made 70 (60+ a couple times but never 70).

    Anyway, nice post abd I hope FOXYBISH gets some armor on before hitting all the action. I meant the BGs you perv…

  2. I have a ‘few’ 70’s already so twinks are my hobby. Kinda like oxycotton….
    it also helps to be in a helpful guild to guide you along the way. =D

  3. shame twinking is pretty mych dead nowadays ;(

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