The Kid & My Pix

Last week my father sent me a box of pictures (he’s moving) and the box was choc’full of goodness of old pix. I will be posting some here and when I get really motivated I will post on Flickr… Enjoy!


Circa 1974ish, my neighbor “Doug” playing da’ sprinkler. Omaha, Nebraska.


This was taken in Spring, Texas 1989. My car is the MG Midget (70), parked next to my friends (Dean) Red MONSTER. 

Taken on our way to Florida. Pic left to right- Jennifer, Me, Marcy my sister. 1990. Note the hairy, muscular legs….and MULLET! 


Click HERE. for a very evil video of death and destruction!!! NC-17~!!!!



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  1. amy

    amy adderly my pix verizon

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