Lets start with a trio sampler of word association… I say,

Tear :: For Fears
Hawk :: Michelle Pfieffer (sp)
Alien :: Slime

If you had to pick a body of water that you have visited in your life to build a house next to, which one would it be… describe the scenary.  U.S. Virgin Islands, we went scuba diving and it was in a beautiful cove with small islands about 1000m from the shore, it was shaped like the letter “C”. I found a very similar if not THE location here.


Everyone is being green now-a-days, what is your favorite green initiative? I’m not ‘green’. I prefer PMS 485. And I feel like it’s all pretentious bullshit when people think they are saving the world by choosing “green” products, the current costs & energy to produce said “green” products far outweighs the normal production costs and fingerprints. Ask me in 25 years.

Main Course
Mexican is one of my favorite foods, share the name of your favorite Mexican dish with all of us (and where to find it) … even if it is just a Taco Bell chalupa?  Don Chilito’s Cheese/Onion Enchilada. Johnson Dr. & Metcalf in Shawnee.

What was the color of your first bicycle, or the oldest toy that you remember and what fruit do you associate with that color? 3 course dessert?  My favorite Bike was a Huffy Gold & Black dirt bike I got for my 10th birthday, it was stolen 4 days later. Oldest toy was the Pontoon boat I played with in my nightly baths.  Fruit color what??? Are you drunk??? 



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2 responses to “NOMNOMNOM FF.

  1. Not as drunk as I would have to be to forget you had a mullet! LMAO

  2. Mmmm, used to dig on Don Chlito’s back in the day, Don’t get over there for lunch as often any more.

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