Saturday we took on Kara with 8/10 being guildies. Kaari has recently stepped up to the plate of leading and organizing events and this was one such event. I logged Wootbeer just 1 min to spare (last time I was late n my spot was filled), Took a few wipes and time expiring but we got the first boss down again, I believe this is the 4th time we’ve downed At00nman. One guildy (Ddarkness) got the necklace epic while a pug got the epic wrist (cloth) drop. Moroes was again another issue. This particular group wasn’t what I would call balanced with 3 priests and 3 hunters and an undergeared off tank paladin. You need to be on your game and we simply do not have enough experience to pull it out, tho we did get him down to 38% before the OT bit the dust. All in all, it was a success. 


Now, for a tangent rant. Being a-typical egocentric gamer (who isn’t?) I feel that I contribute to the guild in many facets; blog, website, forums, vent server, organizing raids, events, recruitment and more importantly giving my time to groups and individuals ingame. I’ve actually cut short my real life events just to get home for guild meetings and/or events. To me that’s dedication. My time ingame usually consists of answering guild emails and chatting for a good 15 mins in tells, it’s my primer. I will then do a daily or cool down then finish quests, farm etc. It is a rare thing when I ask for help with a quest. WookieLuv has a Durn the Hungerer quest since he was able to acquire the quest, I’ve asked the guild (in guild chat) 7 times now and no one has ever offered up help, I get ignored or someone says “Oh..can you help me with this quest?” something totally non-related to my quest. I’ve helped 18 people with said quest as a healer with AutumnKnight and not ONE reach around was given. Not a one. I tend to let is pass. I’ve lead many of the guildies since their level teens all the way thru and up to 70. That is what a guild is for (this one), helping. If I don’t want to help I won’t. I do not mince words. So this weekend I asked for help on Wootbeer…ya know Wootbeer Tank..who always (most) will tank for the guild– has some (3) two man quests in Nagrand (see Beast Mastery) which I saved for the extra gold you get. I tried to solo it but with the spec I have (which is 100% based on helping the guild) it is nigh impossible to finish off the bosses *most are around 15%). I asked 5 times this weekend. NO ONE said a single word or offered….til Shoxam said he would help IF I helped him with his beginngin quests of the Mastery…which means I would have to spend 3 hours helping him……ummm no. So in my frustration and venting to Laen I logged off in disgust with an expletive.  I will name names that DO help me. They are Tyiako, Saphair, Laen, Axloon, Dragnort & Alagorn. Let me also state that I UNDERSTAND if you are busy, don’t have time, want to do your own thing or even if you don’t like to help me in particular but the fact I can’t get most if not any group quests done is 100000% Bullshit. It came to a head yesterday for me and while I won’t apologize for my tiny outburst, the next time I ask for help when theres 15-20 people online I will just remember the time. Remember when YOU want my heals and tankage skillzzzz. Yes, this rant is full of oxymorons and selfishness but can’t a fella git some help every ONCE and awhile?? No? Ok…….




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5 responses to “Recap

  1. I wish I could help you out… I did do something today that might help out, got the trial of the BC and will buy it once that is over so I can man a tank when needed… Sorry dude, this sucks because you have done nothing but help me out and I feel powerless to help you ATM… however, I think 3 new people will start this week, a couple of them experienced players sooo we’ll see 🙂 don’t despair, help is on the way.

  2. If anything you can log in an one of my alts….=D


  3. logtar= da man! (and must get BC cuz space lizards rule!)

    Seriously tho Wookie, I have been reading the rest of your site here and it looks like you have things well organized. Sorry you are in the thankless provider slot. You have that no begging runs rule, and I suspect you are being conservative in asking for help. I am hoping something works out for you!

    I have only done guilds a couple times, I mostly solo. But somebody who is a friend to me (in game or IRL) is usually worth a couple hours of my time. Sometimes I have to schedule the run, because I don’t have time when asked, but I make it happen.

    As for my most recent guild experience, just ask da man!

  4. kaari

    I would help, unless im in the mid of an instance >.<
    But im ussually at work during the week when everyone is on.

  5. thanks fellas, i do try and refrain from bitching because it’s a waste of time. =P

    nuke, I usually AM soloing but as you know there are certain quests where it’s impossible to do it han solo style.

    kaari – thanks and i know yours and other peeps schedules are tight,- i appreciate you taking the lead on major raids *which is why i gave you a promotion* as its really nice to log in and see peeps in instances without me being there.

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