How to make gold ingame. Without buying it…..

Some players are money makers. Some are lazy. Some are dedicated. Some don’t give a rats ass about making ingame money. I’m all of the above. I do have a decent strat for making gold consistently. Of course, your servers economy will be different from others especially based on the population, the type of server; PvP, PvE, Roleplay, Normal. Most importantly it’s the population of the server that will determine a market. The market is not just the Auction House but the trade channel and one on ones. 

First, pick your professions. You really have limited choice for an efficient profession that will provide the least amount of time and gold expenses on your part. You can choose to go with the DUH ones that go hand in hand; Leatherworker/Skinning   Miner/Jewel Crafter/Armor/Weapon/Engineer  Tailor/Enchanter  Herb/Alchemy. Of those combos the one that tends to make the most money currently – Miner/Jewel Crafter  next to Tailor/Enchanter but these professions are a HUGE time and money sink to level to the max and get the most out of them. IF I we’re you I’d NOT take them up, cept maybe Jewel Crafter as the out right purchases of Gemstones is very expensive. SO, skip em ALL. Go 100% Gatherer. That means pick the NON-crafting professions and simply go with : Skinning, Mining, Herbalism. I would go with the Skinning/Mining. These profs only cost you in the level terms of training. It’s plain and very simple. Whenever you go out you skin/mine EVERYTHING. Even if it’s a copper node or a Boar in Red Ridge, there is a definite market for the low level items. Currently on our server a stack of copper (20 pieces) sells from 1g-3g, which takes maybe 15 mins of your time. Skin all the animals in Duskwood and you will easily earn 5-8 gold+ an hour. Don’t pass nodes up. =D

Another way to make the bling is do as others do and buy low sell high. An example is training books, recipes and most vendor npc items out in BFE. One thing most people are with money is they are lazy. In game. They would rather sit in the Ironforge Auction House (AH) and buy up items vs. getting on their mount and finding it. The first Aid books are located in the Stromgarde castle and sell for 1g for one book and the other is 3g. These books are needed inorder to level up your first aid skills. People will buy copies then post them on the AH from 4-6g+. Same applies to recipes on cooking, tailoring, blacksmithing, etc. I do that from time to time but only if I come across the vendor waaaaay out in BFE. (ButtFookEgypt). Here’s a short list of quick gold making ideas.

  • Portals. If your a mage you can make easy bank selling ports to major cities, I recall a former guildy selling ports for 3g. He made 100g in one hour. 
  • Runs. These are running a lowbie thru an instance for a set amount. If you do this make sure you get the gold UPFRONT or half. I only do this if it’s Stockades because I can clear that in 10 mins. The longer the instance the higher the price, especially if you are a 70 as you can simply kill NPCS and make the gold in a shorter less stressfull time.
  • Escort. Not the sexual kind, but taking someone thru a high threat level area so they can get from point A to point B. Money upfront.
  • Cooldowns. Cool downs are an ingame cap on how long you can craft a special item in a set time. Every 4 days AutumnKnight can make a Primal Mooncloth X 2. I cannot make that again for another 4 days. With WookieLuv he specializes in Transmutes and his cool down is 24 hours. You can SELL your Cool down to someone else. They will give you the materials, you make it, using up your cool down and boom…gold easy e. With this transaction you can simply get the gold as you use it as you will have possession of their materials or end result so they DO have to pay you. I will charge 20 gold to use my tailor cooldwon and 10g for my non specialty CD. Wooks is only 8 gold as it’s only a 24 CD.
  • Crafting for others. Same as the above without the CD. A lot of times people will spam about needing a specific item and stating they have the mats (materials). and will tip. (they better). This applies to nearly ALL professions except engineering. Always talk upfront on the fee or tip. If you are unsure about what the tip should be ask a guildy or in general chat. 
  • Odd one but does work for quick gold. Sometimes new guilds need charter members (10) and they need your approval/signature to make one and will ask for it in the form of bribery anywhere from 1g to 10g for 1 min of your time. I’ve done this a lot. You sign up on their guild and once it forms you leave. They only need your sig up to 10 members then they can have a guild with less members. 
  • Mat runs. Depending on your level go into a much lower instance and solo it. Gather all the drops and resell on the AH. A deadmines run at 70 with wook gets me on average 5 stacks of linen and at least 20-25 greens I can DE or AH them. All of which will net me anywhere from 10-20g for a max of 30 mins. Stockades = 15g
The other thing one can do is monitor the AH prices. See something cheap that is way cheap ? Buy it out and resell it. See items not listed, i.e. No Netherweave Bags on the AH means you can set the price for that day. Fill the gaps and raise the price or lower it. These are just some tips you can use, your mileage may vary. Post what YOU do to make your gold.

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