Obama is an alien.

Watching the debate lastnight I realized that Obama is an alien. From “V”. Underneath the latte brown exterior, the plum color lips, the neatly trimmed hair, the stoic demeanor is an ALIEN waiting to rule the world and eat mice. Don’t believe me? Next time you watch him count how many times he blinks. Watch his tongue flip back super fast, you may need a DVR to catch it but it’s there. Trust me. For those who we’re sucking on your momma’s titties or slammin down Similac there was a show the foretold our (human) future with the amazing idea of meeting a new alien race that happen to look like humans. Underneath though they are Amphibians with a lust for power and white mice but in need of water*. I’m digressing. So..yeah. Obama is an Alien. Lets compare the facts.

  • He never gets upset. (Lizards are sneeky bastards)
  • He is level headed. (I’ve never seen a freaked out snake)
  • He made 4.2 million on his tax return for 2007. (Color of money is GREEN)
  • He’s not over weight. (Ever see a fat Bearded Dragon?)
  • He came from a single mother. (Lizards raise their young in single parent settings)
  • His website is too clean. (Lizards are very clean, too clean).
  • He lived in Hawaii most of his life….(Very near where Godzilla lives….think about it….)
I have proof…I was recently browsing google and came across a picture that seemed normal..but I’m a Photoshop guru and noticed some digital discrepencies…please take a closer look.Our next Prez


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2 responses to “Obama is an alien.

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  2. Iguanadoreen

    Please don’t insult lizards like that, I happen to be a lizard lover and they certainly are way above Obama in the food chain, and in intelligence level.

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