What to do

Tonight in the wonderful world of warcraft you can go to The Old School Academy party in Red Ridge at the Docks. Start at 8pm Server Time. For those wanting Karazahn we will be hitting that up at the same time. Contact ‘Kaari’ for a spot. These spots are very limited for specific classes. You need to be online and ready before 8 pm ST. I cannot and will not guarantee your spot. We also plan on going Saturday Night same time and if need be Sunday – time TBD but the groups from Fri & Sat.

This weekend’s battleground bonus honor is Warsong Gulch, check here for future ingame events.  First weekend in May is the Faire! If you’ve never been, go. 

My weekend is a buffet of fun once again. I have my kids this week so most of the time will be with them but Alix & I are going to the Magic the Gathering pre-release with some friends. Cracking open fresh new cards and playing new mechanics, trading, chatting, hanging, buying is a lot of fun for me. I built Alix a new black deck- based around the RACK & Discard with some severe bad ass creature beat down. Give her 5 mana and she’s good to go. I built myself 3-4 decks, mono-blue, mono-white, white/green and white/blue. I’m a control deck player, Alix is BOOM HEADSHOT player, makes for fun games as long as we’re not mana screwed. I DO need to make the 150 card deck as my friend Doug Montavlo moved back recently and has been bragging about his ALL FOIL 150 card monstrosity. I’m much more of  a casual player than ever before. Alix and I really only go to the pre-leases. My last goal at the tournament is to find someone who can teach me how to play World of Warcraft CCG. It looks like a lot of fun. I’ve bought boxes and several single packs..but still don’t know how to play. Lazy-Am-I. If your local (Kansas City) check out the organizers website. Steve Ferrell is the legendary tournament organizer for the midwest. He hosts and sets up links to other card games as well.

I’m also counting the days for IRONMAN to come out and just hope it’s as good as the trailer. I’ve been disappointed in the last few months of movies. 10,000 B.C. sucked. I would rather have been in this Earthquake that happened this morning than sit through a TNT/Sci-Fi channel movie. Speaking of which…I plan on finally watching BSG tonight. Or DVR it…..regardless it’s rare to come across a show that delivers year to year.


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