Danny Prazenski/Prizensky/Prisenski & Guild News.

Today’s title is the name of a ex-love of my fiance. I’m not 100% sure of the spelling but it sounds correct. I bought my daughter a photo album yesterday and there we’re some pix she came across of my old ex-girlfriend Jennifer Kleiber from Spring, Texas. Alix & I kid eachother (me more than her) about our ex’s and how we say their name, hold them in regard and the overall ‘feel’ of their name. When Alix says ‘Danny Prazenski’ the little hairs on the back of my neck stand, I hear a tonal inflection of ‘oooh I miss him” and I get a small tinge of jealousy. ‘Heeeey Jealousy!….hey Jealousy” (great song). I can freely and truthfully admit I’m not a jealous type. Ask my ex wife. Ask my ex girlfriends. Ask Alix. My feelings on if your spouse, babe, lady wants to be with another there really is nothing I can do about it if thats what she wants. If she wants to flirt with other men, same thing. Do I want her to do that? NO. But really, all I care is that she loves me and only me. Flirting and cheating are 2 totally different animals. One’s a big ol Kodiak Bear, the other is a little tiny cute tribble *see Star Trek. So my point here is when she says his name I get jealous. He had her attention, love, desires at a time (20+ years ago) where I wasn’t. Still, it bothers me. Maybe it’s just the name “Danny”. I’ve known 4 “Danny” guys in my time and all we’re assholes. And when my lady friends would say their names it too had the inflection of “Danny” being this super demi-god /Peter North sex drive from hell/johnny depp 21 Jumpstreet hair/carl sagan smarts/ tyler durden attitude/obama’s coolness/Luke Skywalkers genes kinda guy. At least that’s what I envision. I know it’s a short version for “Daniel” but who names there kid Daniel then calls em “Danny”. I will say that I did like two TV & Movie Dannys… Danny Zuko of Grease and Dan Tanna from Vegas. But real life. All “Danny”‘s suck eggs. Like bad. 

I’ll digress.

My weekend was as planned. Relaxing. Fun. Expensive. Alix kicked ass at the Pre-release for Magic “Shadowmoor” with her white/blue deck. She was 2-1-0 going into final round but we had to leave due to a non life threatening work emergency. I lost 1st round, 2nd round bye then matched up with Alix 3rd round. =D It’s good to know people. I think the cards are great and balanced. I did open a pack with the Reaper King in it and the guy next to me offered me a $20 spot of which I declined. 

World of Warcraft weekend : All I did was farm. Motes. Tons. I ended up with 4 Primal Waters, 4 Primal Earth, 3 Primal Shadow, 3 Primal Lifes. As well as 4 Primal Mooncloth & 3 Shadowcloth. May not sound a to the normal non-70 farmer person but it IS. All of the above is worth around 750-900 gold or more depending on the day. I guess Kaari lead a Kara group friday night but they didn’t take down atunmen (sp) and frustrations seems to be setting in with some guild members. Frustrations that as a guild we are not ready for Karazahn, high end instances, preparedness. Some members saying they will be there for a raid and not showing up. Some members not wanting to group with others. Some members doing their own thing and not participating in guild chat, guild raids, guild groups. I’ll be happy to address this in a guild meeting sometime this week or next. I’ve also recently had a member say they will be leaving the server if something is not done ASAP. That is addressed now and for those thinking along the same lines.

If you are not happy with the old school guild and feel your time is wasted please do look for another guild and/or server. If you want to be raiding 5 days a week try another. If you can’t find a group (even I can’t) to do some quests, leave. Grass greener? Maybe. I don’t know. But what I do know is that the 14.99 a month you pay and the time you invest is 100% yours. I will not make adjustments to the guild as a whole to appease what you the individual want. I cannot force others to work with eachother. I cannot schedule raids 5 days out of the week by myself let alone lead them. I have a life outside of WoW and it will never impede on that. Ever. I like my Fri & Sat freed up to go out and be real life social. =D It can be and is very frustrating to hear members cry and whine about not doing things like kara but when I or someone else DO plan for these those whiners are NO WHERE to be seen when we actually raid. Put up or shut up. Lead. Take the initiative. SHOW THE FUCK UP. lol  You are the one to make your time in WoW your own. I am here to lead when I can. I delegate. I demote & promote. People cried about not having a vent. You got one ($80.00 a year tyvm). People cried about not having healers (especially me) and now we have 5 70 priests and 6 Paladins. (we lost beautifly this morning….) People cried about not having structure, I made a forums for events and this blog. Use them. or don’t. 

And to all the “Danny” guys out there…… suck it.  =D



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2 responses to “Danny Prazenski/Prizensky/Prisenski & Guild News.

  1. Kind of humorous, but I have never called Daniel, Danny… maybe Dan… but even if he asked me I would not call him Danny, just like I would probably not call you Nicky and just punch you in the mouth if you call me Johnny… my think is the nny that makes it pukable.

    Guild troubles… well… I have 5% experience with WoW but like 120% with online communities, clans and such… I have personally tried to be as nice as I can on all pugs I am a part of and just spread the good name of both our guild and the academy… as far as organization and just overall tears from heaven you said it right, put up or SHUT UP.

    I jumped in with a couple of our new members (and friends of mine) Klaar and KCGeek into DM and pwned… we had so much fun is not even funny, specially when right before the ship I did a youtube wordy stumble into the water leaving our paladin to take a beating… he did survive. Games are supposed to be fun, WoW is fun because of the community sense… make friends people, stop, collaborate and listen!!! LOL

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