Lazy Nights & Guild meeting in VENT

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Laying bed lastnight with our dinky window open wide Alix and talked abit about WoW and her lack of playing time as well as the guild issues. She tells me I would be shocked if I knew how much she thinks about WoW and playing. How much she wonders why she isn’t hooked, isn’t playing a few times a week, more IN TO IT. I had no answers. I think it’s from several aspects, her new promotion, spending better time with her rapidly growd’d up teenaged daughters, house stuff, work stuff, feeling like she would bother me ingame or take away from my time. I do wish she would play more and I wish I would have more patience. /shrug. She also pointed out this time last year the guild activity almost comes to a crawl with the nice weather and school lets out people really have lives outside of WoW. Nut uh……so with that I will go through my usual anxiety of keeping the guild together. My Alix is a muse and a sage rolled into ONE sexy package. I will take her advice and go with the such is life tude. Flash forward 3 a.m. being in kansas means hail storms, lightning and tornadoeszzzz. We had all but the tornado lastnight. 3/4″ sized hail for 20 mins makes for a restful night.

I love having the ability to have our connect time with eachother. Kids and basic general life issues tend to split up communication lines of couples and it is very nec. for us to re-connect. Usually takes 5 mins of simple chat. So, for those who have never played during the spring and summer months of WoW look for alot of nothing as far as events, raids and tons of people online at one time. Currently we have 75 active members (online within 1-2 days). out of 132 members (of those most are alts). 

Guild meeting is set for Thursday Night at 8pm Highlights include:

  • Schedules – Tried this before but lets try a set raid timeline.
  • Kara what/when/who.
  • Guild bank – were almost at 1000g for our 4th tab, what then?
  • Twink rank – is everyone ready for WSG 19?
  • Recruitment – lets get some more tanks!
  • Vent – anyone using it? 
  • Focus – what do you want in this guild.
Other than all that– just a way to get to know each other. We’ve had around 10 new members in the last 3 weeks. (A lot for us). I will be doing the meeting in VENT! So download it. No I don’t expect you to talk but do listen and would love for you all to be online for it. (and talk). God bless.
Oh yeah. It’s Earth day. (print image)


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3 responses to “Lazy Nights & Guild meeting in VENT

  1. kaari

    Wont be there, i will be at work.

  2. Kaari – np, I will post what was said and talked about after. So the time you do have for WoW is Fri-Sun yes?

  3. kaari

    fridays and saturday night, as it stands currently. i work sunday-thusday night.

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