Guild meeting & my wine.

I finished off the boxed wine lastnight during dinner. Alix and I got the kids hamburgers & we got strip steak which was delicious! $11.51 worth from Price Chopper! Grilled to a very medium rare with sides of Watermelon, Side Salad and corn! A prelude to the summer times…all of which we’re cooked on our 1 year old charcoal grill. Took awhile for the coals to get going but once they got it…..oy vey. Back to the wine. Our last guild meeting was a eventful one to be sure. I started drinking about 20 mins prior and by the time we were done I had drunk half the box, lost my key guildmate along with his friends (apparently not mine) and to which one cannot blame it on the alcohol. It was a build up of people wanting to go different directions, in fact those key people that left, they went to a different server. Tonight’s meeting I will have 1 Corona. (all out of wine & Guinness & I don’t wanna touch the Jack D & unopened bottle of Rum). The meeting will be a Q&A session of what we want out of this guild. I’m a glass half full kinda guy but the activity of the past week (as predicted) is very low so I am hoping for a decent turnout. If not Ill just post it here. No biggie.

I am currently working on getting my 3 toons pvp geared up. Devo (Lock), WookieLuv (hunter) and AutumnKnight (priest) by alternating them so I don’t get bored/burned. Lastnight was AK and for a 1400+ healer she does some decent damage. /Proud  I still don’t understand why the horde wouldn’t want to kill me first, I’m usually the last… I always kill healers first….unless I see a warlock. =D All bets are off on any of my toons when I get a lock in my sights! Spamming dispel magic on AK vs. Lock is usually a win…..usually….. lol So I go 1-3 in AB but finally get the daily done, proceed to WSG and get 1-2 then my favorite EOS at 3-1, with the loss due to a 100% premade. I usually AFK out of premades but EOS tends to go fast on a loss premade. I just need 7k honor for AK’s next piece to replace my Kara necklace. Speaking of which after the meeting were gonna do KARA tonight. =D 



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