Pig Out. Miss ya Jenna Haze….

Name something you would categorize as weird.
Anal Bleaching.

What color was the last piece of food you ate?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?
5 but as I get older it will prolly go down. Cuz, I’ll need help from falling on my face as I am contemplating being a Carribe Drunk with Alix in my later years. I imagine us with a very nice Fishing Boat, Perma Tan, Old Milwaukee cans strewn about the beach. 

Main Course

Fill in the blank: I will _________ vote for ___________ in _______.
Refrain from voting this year. They all are unappealing to me. Obama… to me is a a sheep in a wolves clothing from L.L. Bean. He won’t win anyways, this is WHITE america. 


Describe your sleeping habits.

I tend to hit the hay around midnight, wake up just around 3 am (witching hour) go back to bed around 3:16 am then wake up around 5:30 from the girls rumbling around downstairs. Some females take an excessively long time to prepare for their day. I must have a cool temp. to sleep, can’t be too hot otherwise I squirm all night. Lights are ALL shut off. I tend to fart randomly earlier in the morning while sleeping. Nothing like a nice loud, vibrating FART to wake ya up at 4:34 in the morning.


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One response to “Pig Out. Miss ya Jenna Haze….

  1. Saphair

    Quoting Wargames:

    The only way to win the game is not to play.

    its been virtual
    love you guys

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