The Night After; Guild meeting & Taco comes out of the closet.

We had our meeting lastnight and here are the highlights……………………..

  • Recruitment drive. Requirements min level 61 and trial period of 2 weeks. Candidates MUST BE ACTIVE and SOCIAL. Wallflowers need not apply. All members can NOW invite new members. We are looking for quality NOT quantity. 
  • Schedules for group raids on Karazahn, Rep Grind Nights and other Quest/Instances will be set up before end of the weekend. They will b posted on this blog and our forums. I am in the process of getting the guild a new forums.
  • Tyiako explained why he has been absent from guild raids. He is annoyed by the lack of preparation of guildies and the lack of focus some of you present. He went to say he will help those in who REALLY want it and not just giving lip service. It was the most he’s ever spoke in guild chat.
  • We have a brand new guild bank tab *thanks to Tyiako putting us over the 1000g mark. I changed the rules for using it as in 10 gold for people (NEW) to use/access it. All they have to do is make a deposit. If you don’t have 10gold you can make incremental deposits…but really…if you don’t have 10g then something is wrong. 
Overall the meeting was very successful. We discussed issues about using the blog and promoting the usage of our guild resources: Vent server, Forums, Blog, Bank. Our goal is to help eachother and quest/group more for a more fun experience when your online. Discussed the NEED for members to be participatory and take the intitative! I help you, you help me. 
Tonight is Karazahn at 8pm ST.  I will not be able to make it due to family events. Please use our vent, get pugs if you have to. Have a great weekend and see you online!  ~ Wook

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