A Nebraska Farmer.

Me being knocked down by a Rogue. My kite string broke. Circa 1976

For those in the know of farming motes in WoW there is a special bond. A bond where we know what it takes to make a primal. We know what it takes to make 10 primals only to convert them into another item, an enchant, a robe, bag, etc. We spend countless, thankless hours on the plains, on fiery mountain tops, in acidic waters, underwater, in marshes battling not only the Elementals that hold these precious items but our common enemy the Horde. That was the my wow weekend besides my Battlegrounds and a failed attempt at Karazahn Friday Night. Don’t get me wrong about motes/primals because these primals sell for a lot of gold. Typical price is 30g per primals (not including earth). I farmed 25 Water Primals (250 motes) and 20 randoms over the weekend and I still need 17 more for Autumns enchantment on her Weapon. /sigh I will get it done for I have the power of grayskull and backed by the almighty AlixAndria Love! The only thing that could stop me is the weather, us not paying the cable bill or I simply quit WoW. Dammit. janet. The cool side of the pillow is I’m using the ultimate in farming equipment. My Warlock ‘Devo’. He maybe short in stature like Tila Tequila but he and his minions pack enough punch to ward off all horde except the random Rogue catching me at 25% life and 10% mana. That was the only way this one Rogue could get me. He stalked me for 45 mins in the caves of Nagrand. Waiting, watching for me to make a mistake. Finally after getting my 35 bead for Kurenai rep (I made revered this weekend!!!!) I foolishly took on 4 NPC’s having been lulled into safety with the POWER of Fear behind me. BAM! Backstabbed. The Kidney shotted at 25%. I clicked 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 (my fear button) and it did go off with 3% life but I had spent my stone a few mins earlier (2000 life+) but it was too late, I went down. But not before I got off some DOTS so that when I looked up he was around 40%….he left the area before I could rez and kill his sneeky ass. But ya, if you want an efficient farmer, a killer spec DPS, a buddy minion go Warlock. You have soo many options with managing your mana, life, dots, self rez, and when your farming…the money comes easy. I was able to parlay Santha’s mount (she made 60!!) of 300g this weekend, made my 20 slot bag and sold for 425g, loaned out 600g last week, bought a 700g gun for Wook (Don Santiago’s Famous Hunting Rifle), So all in all if your a spender like me you can easily break even. Ok, for this weeks guild schedule look no further.

  • All week is Lower City Rep. This includes doing the dailies and instances. We all need lower city rep and the rewards are among the best.
  • Monday Night is Sethk Halls (Lower city)
  • Tues Night is Sethk Halls
  • Wed is Raid Halaa Night. Get your tokens and lets air bomb the frequently held Pvp area. Invite your friends. Be sure to pick up the quest in Telaar. (look for the blue exclamation mark)
  • Thurs Mana Tombs (lower city)
  • Friday Night is Karazahn. Please POST TO THIS to RSVP your spot. We will not be using the forums for signup, use this blog.
  • Sat Morning Battleground weekend and Twink leveling/pimpin out  — Sat Night Continue Karazahn.
  • Sunday is level up your profession and BG day. Help eachother out with materials they need. Group up for BG’s. Help farm. Group up!   If able we can also trash mob clean Karazahn for rep and high end green drops. 
Oh btw alix and I lost our collective butts off Sat at the Casino. I need to stay away from Slot machines. Play more Black Jack. Dammit. I was almost called over to the Texas Holdem Limit but didn’t wanna spend the entire day/night there. I’m a damned good poker player. =D


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6 responses to “A Nebraska Farmer.

  1. “Dammit. janet.” nice!

    I use bits from that movie all the time dude!

  2. Wow. I had no idea what you were talking about in this post. Amazing that American live in the same country but so far apart. Is there any way you can compose a translation guide to farming terms for us city folks.

    Thanks. Really interesting though.

    I searched for Nebraska tags because when my wife and I were driving cross country, we stopped in Kearny Nebraska and met some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. I felt some type of connection there.


  3. LOL farming was in reference to an online game called “World of Warcraft”. I was born and raised in Omaha and I agree 100% that people from Nebraska are the friendliest you will ever meet.

  4. That is funny. That game is truly dominating the world. Well, I guess I am glad that I am only out of touch in the gaming world and not with the farmers of America.

    Please feel free to drop in a read about Harlem whenever you have the need for some city.

  5. I did drop a read and will continue to do so. Mind if I blog roll your site?

    I’ve lived in said (big) cites : Houston.

    While not NY it certainly has its big city-ness. I don’t count living in the burbs of cities like Chicago, Omaha, KC, Fort Walton Beach FLA. Those are foot note cities.

    Btw- growing up in Omaha Nebraska they teach you three things before the age of 6.

    1. Huskers RULE. (football)
    2. Husking Corn.
    3. Council Bluffs sucks.

  6. I noticed that in rolling through your state – everyone had red on.


    Of course, please blog roll. I’ve been dreaming of the big sky out there.

    Myself, I feel a little sorry for you the past few years, because I am Raider Fan, had had to deal with Bill Callahan for a few years. I was glad to see him go.

    I remember watching, what was his name, the kid – tom frazier when I was younger.

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