FORD = Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge

On my way to dropping off my son to school the belt gave out and exploded in a puff of smoke and I was lucky enough to pull off the road into a parking lot. My son walked the 2 blocks to school. (recalls walking to school blinded, barefoot backwards in a blizzard uphill both ways) So my vehicle will be opened up and prodded by my auto mechanic saavy inclined fiance Alo! Lke most things it’s not just the knowledge it is the RIGHT TOOLS to get a job done and I believe we are lacking in the good tool department. We’ll see. I really don’t want to spend my Tax Relief check at the local “Let’s gouge you over and take all your money car repair shops”. Please. Although it could be worse. Wish us (her) luck tonight.  And if I can make it back (we will) and my mood is good, I’d like to see about getting another run for Sethk Halls or something to do with Lower City. Maybe Shadowlabs? We had an excellent run lastnight with : Wootbeer, Sabs, Tyiako, Shoxam and Dragnort. Only wiped once. =D Damn Fear Birds.  Maybe this time around we can get a tank to go so I can get AK or Wook the reputation they are lacking. /shrug Thanks again to those who went!!!

Btw, I do not like Ford Cars. Mustang, yes. Other than that, my personal and financial experiences with Ford cars and vans is pure SHIT. They should call them for what they are. Temporary/Recyclable Vehicles. Good for 75k miles or less. Beyond that, your pushing your luck and wallet. Why do I have a Ford car? Ex wife. Why did I ever own a Taurus? Ex wife. That and I never had a Ford before, how was I to know? My list of cars in order.

  1. 1970 MG Midget (somewhere in Orange City, Iowa storage center)
  2. 1979 BMW 525 (sold to my best friend Abe)
  3. 1983 Peugot (burst into flames with my son in back seat, I saved him but not the car)
  4. 1984 BMW 733i (sold to co worker)
  5. 1987 Buick LeSabre (note I’m married now) See below ( I loved this car)
  6. 1986 Ford Taurus (transmission fell out 1 month into ownership)
  7. 1995 Ford Windstar (broke down with belt issue)
  8. 2001 Ford Contour *ex wife sold my buick while I was out of town to buy me this POS as a present* She traded in 2 years ago for another car. She filed 34 days later)
  9. 1995 Cadillac Deville (needs new brake work)
  10. TBD. soon!  this spring!!!! god willing.
I did have a hummer. Once.
God speed.

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