Jenna Haze does IDL.

It was the IDL pullie that went bad on the van. That Acronym for a car part runs along the lovely invention of the Serpentine Belt. Whoever invited the Serpentine belt also invited pimples. We can clone humans but can’t make independent motorized parts. Before you tell me we do, apparently in 1995 you couldn’t with Ford Windstars. We guessed this little deal will set me back $200.00 with towing, parts & labor. My goal of acquiring a Mac Pro Book maybe off a little now, rarely do I save up for a large purchase (I tend to have the money and buy it as I am King of impulse buying). We will see. 

Lastnight I farmed more water primals (got 4) then helped our local colombian logtar get Herrods Shoulders and a Second Helm in Scarlet Monastery Armory side. I tried it first with Devo but I am not used to running him in instances so my balance of mana and life was apparent. That and Logtar kept running around like a scared little lamb aggroing the rest of the room. Enter stage left Wookieluv. We cleared Armory twice in 40 mins. Next will be the Citadel side. =D 

As I predicted members online has been low lately. We used to have 13-20 online at night, now were around 5-8 per. We are also around 120 members now with recent departureS. =D 




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2 responses to “Jenna Haze does IDL.

  1. Last night it seemed like there were more people… I think this Friday and Saturday we might see record numbers…

    AND, to my defense… I ran around the first time because one of the wondering NPCs was about to decimate me so I wanted to run past and let you see it… the second time it was second nature!

  2. Ya I noticed that, weird. The most I’ve ever seen online was 35. =D
    No need to defend, it’s a known issue that NPC’s in WoW love Log.

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