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Multi-Guild Party Tonight!

Santha, The Old School Academy Guild Master Queen and my future Mom-in-Law will be hosting a multi guild party tonight starting at 8pm Server Time. Location will be Beggars Haunt in Duskwood. Several themes and contest will be a plenty including Dueling, Naked Fish Fist Fights, Pets Wars, Races and a multitude of games and gold/gear/food/bag prizes. The guilds invited include The Old School (OS), The Old School Academy (TOSA) and Alliance of Death (AoD) run by Mikiella and co. Santha and her guildies did a lot of organizing for this event and I would hope some of your OS members would stop by for at least a few minutes or couple hours and just say “Hi!”. Alix and I are planning on being there for at least 1/2 hour before we have to do some real life family stuff. So don’t be square. Daddy-O! Show up, be social, duel, represent OS proudly! 




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The Brother’s War


I just finished my new (old) book lastnight and it was a great read. Called “The Brother’s War” by Jeff Grubb it’s a Magic the Gathering series 1 of 4 that uses the timeline of the Artifacts Cycle (See expansion set Antiquities). During my reading I got inspired to ebay up and buy a Mishra’s Workshop and an Arigivian Archeologists. I have most of the card set minus the big ticket ones that range from $50-100.00 ea. But I will get the set done or my name isn’t M-O-O-N. Not that any of you plan on reading the book but if you need a good read pick it up and it’s subsequent series, the next one is “Planeswalker” by Lynn Abbey. For those who have played Magic the Gathering you will know the main characters and supporting roles. Mains are Mishra and Urza, with Tawnos and Ashnod. Side characters like Feldon, the Thran and Gix and artifacts like Dragon Engines, Ornothopters and various cards/thing appear in the book and helps to see the background of the world of Dominiaria. The cool thing about the series is you do not have to play Magic to understand the concepts of what is going on. I highly recommend this book! I found mine at the 1/2 Price book store for $1.99.

Lastnight in the world of warcrack I had planned on doing the Tarren Mill raid but got sidetracked but was able to log in a few mins before our walk. (Alix and I go on neighborhood walks to not be so lazy) and was told that the raid was successful. WOOOT! World PvP is very fun!~ til the Horde show up like tribbles. Then you get spanked, then you spank them, back and forth for awhile til you get over run. Best time to do these small town raids is NOW since most of the Horde are little kids in school so when summer time comes…your screwed….see Tribbles….



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When to quit a bad run…

Last night I tried. And tried. And tried. The isle’s Mag Terrace second boss (the one who shoots the pure energy bubbles at ya) was a pain in the booty. Fellow guild mate and pug extraordinaire Ivanvonivan got a group going and he invited me to be a DPS so I took Wook the rogue with a brand new spec (thanks Rezzhit & Tyiako) and sure enough I was tops in DPS (damage meter) up til the boss. My dps group consisted of a feral druid, hunter*. We got him down to 16% then 2%, 1% back to 23%. By this time I thought maybe it was the DPS since we got soooo close. So I log Devo (Warlock) and same result, we wipe 3 more times and get him so close before our hunter dies around 30% boss life followed by the healer then dps then finally tank. I get frustrated and decided maybe it was the heals, though in reality it was the dps on the adds. *see hunter. So I log AutumnKnight and same result, boss goes to 3% wipe. 8% wipe. at this point I’m in the whole with 3 toons around 25-30g…and we’ve spent over 1.5 hours on this. I normally will stick it though but damn. Damn. Damn…and damn. I’ve been through Mags 6 times now and we’ve never had issues with this boss. Key being killing the adds fast enough. Even in pugs I feel responsible. KNOWING I’m doing my role and doing everything I can possibly do during an important battle…it doesn’t help It’s hard for me to tell someone they’re simply not good enough for an instance. There is a time though when you need to tell the group or leader that you’ve had enough. The above is a prime example. Your not only wasting time and money you create bad karma for the boss that just bitch slapped with with 2k ticks of arcane damage every 3 seconds. One of our guild rules is to stick it out and if you have to leave find a replacement. This is the exception. I don’t expect guild mates to subject themselves to futility and running up a repair bill with no real reward at the end. If you cannot beat a boss after you have tried several variations and strats, look to who you have with you. Who dies too fast. Is the tank doing what he can? Is the healer healing? Check the damage meters. Check your groups stats with mana/stamina. Research the boss on wiki or any other wow resources or ask guild mates. In the end be respectful to your pugs and let whomever is not towing the line that they need to be replaced. Be tactful. (if you can).


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Happy Holiday Memorial Weekend! Mine will be filled with no plans what so ever. I am mulling over grilling some dead cows and chickens. Maybe ask Alix to make her world famous and I’m talking W   O   R   L   D famous Potato Salad. Other than that I’ll probably go get the Wii FIT game if I can find it, do some yard work (edging), play some WoW, make out with my AlixAndria, maybe go garage sale shopping tomorrow morning…’s nice to have no real plans. 

I keep wondering (to myself) if Obama is going to win it all. I’d like it to happen…but I just don’t SEE it. Not yet, I think the next go around it’s possible (8 years from now) but we still have active generations of bigots and sexism from the days of old. I was in D.C. last week and attended a speech by political analyst Tucker Carlson and he went on to say why/how Obama could lose the election. Not based on his race but based on his followers and supporters stating that most are fanatical and scary to those in main stream public. The supporters of Obama being idealists almost to the extreme of which he likened to the 2004 running of Howard Dean. Most will note his demise was on stage at a rally where he basically ended his run with an outburst of emotion…we like emotion but dislike it bordering on lunacy or anything resembling TLR from MTV with the little girls screaming in the background. Tucker went on to say as long as Obama’s supporters don’t freak out and scare the general public he has an excellent chance. I agree. Minus the old establishment  that hates blacks/browns/women. I plan on voting for Obama in a red state. Alix is planning on it as well, however if he chooses Clinton as his running mate all bets are off. Fuck Clinton. 

World of Warcraft this week has been lite for me, mostly doing dailies on the Isle getting my money oooo so closer to another 5k gold mount for one of my toons, I’m about 700 gold from reaching it. I just cannot decide whom to give it to….I was thinking WookieLuv…then thought about Wootbeer or Devo…..I DON’T KNOW!!!! I have tons of materials I can sell but like in the past I’m a hoarder. I don’t sell much If I can make it with dailies so my banks (2) are bursting at the seams, I may have to get another bank alt going. =D I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! See you online and off!

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I is bak.

D.C. Sushi ala Sake Club

Long week away, didn’t really miss writing on this blog. I had an excellent business trip in Washington D.C. I plan on posting pix later this week when I can catch up. Guild news, I come back and we lost another set of core players from the guild. I was in shock for about 30 mins, a mix mash of feelings ranging from shock, pissed off, questioning my leadership abilities, sadness. Then I realized that it was useless to feel upset over their personal decisions to leave our guild, it is their own time and dime and I’ve been there and done that for over 5 years of MMO gaming. People will come and go. What gets my goat is the people that leave whom you thought were your friends, more than just ingame, ala Windamar. You spend time with them, share moments good and bad and not just ingame but real life, you make friendships. Memories. Then out of the blue without so much a warning they go “POOF”. Gone. To me, that shows a few things, first of which is my own impression and misrepresentation of friendship. I don’t care if you leave the guild, server or game all together but why not remain friends? I sound kind of weak when I type it out and I re-read it but I’m just feeling down about my so-called friends. I had a two conversations, one with “Lyythium/Laen” and ‘Tyiako” and while I disliked them leaving while I was gone they at least explained to me the reasons at length, of which I respect. I am to blame for departures in the aspect of not being more focused and strict with our goals. It is a very hard thing to do, running a successful guild and I don’t recommend it to the light hearted. lol   Anyways, onward. We shall continue our guild and enjoy the game with our current roster and keep adding members (quality) . To those who left while I was gone I wish you the best of luck and enjoyment online. You are welcome back anytime.

More lates.


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Tyiako’s Guide on Rogue 101

Check out resident guild rogues Tyiako’s guide on the basics of running with rogues. It’s a good read and your sure to learn something. I will try and update this week but we’ll see.  Have a good week!  ~ Wook

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The unbearable lightness of being a GM.


The picture above is my Dad and I in Colorado 1976…outside a defunct Goldmine.
Since this blog was originally based on our WoW guild and it’s life I thought I’d share some experiences running a guild, a World of Warcraft guild. Offer some tips, ideas, suggestions, what to do and not to do, and since this is from my experience there will be a lot of mistakes and your mileage WILL vary.


My leadership style started when I was a ripe age of 8 years old, I started my “Carl Sagan Space Club” where we would have meetings in my basement with graphs and pictures I’d make in my dads art studio (kics ASS studio). I had 5 members, all from the neighborhood ranging from 6-10 years old! I was/am a huge fan of Carl Sagan and his vision and at that time being influenced by Star Wars I got into Astronomy and all things about “Space”. I read all the books at Boyd Elementary 3 x over. I would lead them on expeditions searching for meteorites in the back woods, let them gaze up at the stars thru my K-Mart 20 Power Telescope and we’d all turn the pages of Car Sagans COSMOS book, which I  got for Christmas that year. I organized ranks for my 5 friends from me : Club Leader — Captain–jr. Captain–Private. It lasted for 6 months, we ended up calling it because 2 people moved away and the other 3 decided they liked to watch the Smurfs more than looking for Aliens and Artifacts. 

My entrance into gaming and being a leader started with Star Wars Galaxies. Alix and I were in a guild and I was totally into being a Master Architect and needed advice and help with starting this crafting profession ingame. I ran across a guy via the games forums looking for an apprentice to help with building his city. I msg’d him a few times and we clicked, he showed me the crafting ropes, gave me materials at no cost so I could become a Master Architect and help build items for his HUGE city (on Lok). He was the leader of his clan and city (Mayor) where he lead 100+ Imperials on raids, events and building an economy. I was inspired. Soon I started my own guild with like minded people and established relationships which I still have over the past 5 years, most of which came over to help me form The Old School guild. In order to maintain something like that you do have to have social skills. Not the elite uber skills that teens want but mature gamers over the age of 18 want and need. I specialize in just that. Mature, organized, no bullshit, relaxed-lets have fun, no pressure gaming. 

In regards to a World of Warcraft guild and leading a Guild it takes a lot more time vs. other MMO’s as there is really soooo much more to do and you have a wide variety of ages in your guild. We’ve had 8 year olds all the way up to 65 years. Our avg. age of core players is 30. Age is very important when leading a guild because you HAVE to know your audience. This will determine how you treat them and lead them in events, raids and overall time ingame. I always prefer older players because I don’t have to babysit them. We also have similar life experiences such as education, careers, family, music, movies and popular culture. Tis hard to relate to an 9 year old while trying to take down a Boss in Zul’Gurub when he says he has to log off to do homework and take out the garbage. I can relate in a sense that I have my own kids doing that but not while raiding! =P 

If you plan on making your own guild I would go with making it with your real life friends vs. complete strangers. Nothing worse than being usurped even before you take over the reigns. There are several type of guilds out there, here are some typical ones,of which each NEED different types of GM (Guild Masters) or leaders.

  • Casual Guilds : These are people who want structure but not enforced rules. Leaders of these need to be laid back but also serious about quelling any members who are TOO zealous about doing things. It’s a tricky thing to do as casuals tend to move onto more serious gaming and you don’t really see the transitions until it’s too late- they leave the guild.
  • Raiding Guilds : All these guilds do are high end content raids on set schedules, set ranks, rules enforced, DKP / Point systems *DKP is a term derived from EverQuest where members garned points they use to BID on items that drop during raids. It’s core being FAIR to those who show up on time and participate, most of the time it works but can be tricky and controversial. GM’s of these guilds have to be highly organized but not so much people persons because they don’t have to be. Why? Because whats at the end of the rainbow. EPICS. If you can stand being yelled at, humiliated, spit on, made fun of WHILE knowing your characters role you end up with the games best gear. Not mediocre, not decent but the BEST. You need thick skin if you lack skills and experience because you cannot hide behind a poor performance in a raid because they DO notice you. 
  • PvP Guilds: Person vs. person guilds are what they are. All you do is que up for the Battleground instances and garner honor and kills. You bank all of that til you hit X amount of honor and badges to cash in for gear. You learn from other players in your guild how to maximize your talent tree to do the most damage. This type of guild chat will be filled with LEET speak, bantering about chicks, fags, milfs and the latest Super Smash Brothers technique. They tend to be filled with Mountain Dew drinking teens whose only release is killing the opposing faction, ganking a lowbie and jackin off to a pre-recorded episode of THE HILLS. I kid. The GM’s of these types are geared to the teeth. They have respect among their peers or until they show weakness during a run or raid. 
  • Twink Guilds : See above.
  • Massive Wal-Mart guilds: These are super large guilds, much like our little sister guild ‘The Old School Academy” that ate too much at the Buffet. These are not selective in the recruitment process, it’s about numbers. You become a number unless you step up to the plate, but beware there are those in such guilds that will be catty if they see you as a threat. Build guilds offer plenty of opportunity for grouping up, always finding friends to do stuff with, provided you ASK and are polite. Their guild information log is FULL of people coming and going to and from the guild…think revolving door. This provides a guild with active chat and incessant cliques. Being a leader of this type takes a real people person and officers with the same attitude. I do NOT envy what Santha does in the guild, I know I couldn’t handle it….
  • Farm League guilds: These are guilds that help you level and progress. I tend to see my guild as a Farm League. My goal is to KEEP these members and not have them take off once they get to 70 or reach a certain level in the game. The grass is sometimes greener. 

My Guild : our guild is based on friendships and having fun. At least thats the underyling goal. We do have our hiccups along the way as ALL guilds go through transitions. Our recent transitions was when some select Officers wanted more structure and hounded me to make changes, even as much as to start a NEW guild for more serious gamers. I refused to partake in a new guild and also refused to relinquish my control of the guild to a “Democratic” guild where we vote on everything including voting on members I can Kick or Invite. Those officers left for a new server. We lost quite a few members along the way but recently have had an influx of new players. I am all for structure and believe I am good at leading this guild, however I cannot do it all. I have no officers that I can trust to lead or get things done in my absence. Irony is those officers that left talked the talk but never walked the walk. I structure my guild with officer ranks and take those seriously, I may make a new rank based on their leadership qualities. As a GM you must be patient, have forethought, trust and do not micro manage people as they are here at will, they pay to play. Always keep that in mind when a member makes a mistake. GM’s have a mostly thankless job and for those whom have never lead a guild have NO CLUE what we do to keep things together and balanced. If your ambition is to lead on, try ranking up in your current guild, establish a relationship with other officers and the GM, ASK to help out. This will give you the experience in dealing with a wide variety of personality types. 



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