I have itis. Itis is a term coined from the BOONDOCKS where they are making fun of the movie “Soul Food” and their Turkey Dinner. Itis happens when you load up on food that makes you sleepy, tired and medicinehead like. I had a Burger, Chips (Lays..sorry GUYS SNACKS) and 1 Bratwurst along with 2 Cups of Orange Soda. I’m slowly waking up from it 2 hours later. We had our (my 1st) last BBQ at the office (parking lot). My normal lunch runs are with Logtar to any of the establishments along the 69 Lenexa Corridor. He’s (Log) introduced me to Mi Ranchito (meh– cheese dip was good…but other than that..meh), Arizona’s Sports Bar (typical bar food but cute waitress) and Joy Luck Chinese Buffet (I like rats on a stick!). Other than those above I journeyed to “The Holy Land Cafe” where the food was delicious and priced right, though I felt like if the terrorists hit us they will probably take out any cafes named “The Holy Land”. It even had the “feel” of being foreign (in Lenexa???) with the workers wearing jumpsuits and white tee’s. Zardas is just down the street (#4 combo). Perkins is in between 69 & 35 and when I’m in the mood to sit with the elderly and eat my Tremendous 12!!!! (4 Pancakes, 2 Links, 2 Bacon, Hashbrowns (well done) & 3 Eggs (over med). No, I’m not obese but I’m not svelt like I was in 1989. I was one of two Native Americans. Much like the Cylons….

La Bomba


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  1. I am a huge Boondocks fan… but more on that some other time…

    We still have not hit some of the better places… Holy land is good but there are better 🙂 lets go for some Gyros next week… and we still need to do Wyndotts.

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