She’s dead Jim.

RIP my daime….RIP.  My 1995 Ford Windstar has officially (unofficially) bit the dust (aka too expensive to fix) with a bad pully (2), replacing the water pump and a speculated cracked head gasket as well as work to chisel off melted serpentine belt from the pully system. My daughter loves that van, she asked me 3 year ago if she could have it when shes able to drive, of course I said “Yes”. My kids grew up in the clunker and we’ve been to New York and Back, Florida, Dakotas, Texas and Omaha too many times to count. She has 182,000 miles on her and shes served me well over the past 8 years, I paid her off early (after finance charges & interest she cost me $18,000.00) thanks to Enron (pre-implosion) and had her engine rebuilt due to Walmart not putting on the oil cap after a $14.95 lube job! WOO HOO!  BTW I don’t recommend you take your cars into Walmart for oil changes unless you live on the edge, this happens weekly. The min wage employee simply forgets to put the oil cap on and you drive away with oil trail behind you while your cars internals grind eachother to death. I was lucky because my van was under warranty from GMAC and they took pix to show to Walmart. Mechanic says it happens 5-6 times a month.

 Anywhoo, My plan is to put my money into my Cadillac with new brakes (drums, rotors & pads) and go from there. I know you all (2 of ya) wanted to know this but we all have lost cars that mean something to you…or your life is too exciting to write 10 mins about a FORD vehicle. 

Tonight Logtar and I get a nice bennie from work, use of the Sprint Suite! Alicia Keys with Jordin Sparks (maybe), I’m taking my ladies, Alo, Megalon, Aspen & Raech. Looks to be a nice time. Good times ahead! 


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