Superwoman : Alicia Keys

Lastnight we hit the Sprintcenter for a Alicia Keys evening and it was great! Our daughters sung and danced the night away. We got there at 7:15 because of my wonderful sense of parking garage directions and had to take 4 tries to find the actual “Suite Owners” parking lot which is 2 blocks north of the Center. The girls were wide eyed and instantly impressed with the building and it’s “people”. We took the elevator up to the Suites and found Logtar rummaging thru the fridge making come kinda mysterious concoction for him and his wife. Salutations followed and I quickly made my own screwdriver and a little plate of veggies & dip. There was a DJ on the  stage trying to get the 50% capacity to “wave your hands yo!” The amount of people there was actually sad, maybe it was the view but there we’re an awful lot of empty seats scattered throughout, sad not for the performers but for the venue./meh First up was Jordin Sparks of AI. I guess a week or so ago (i’m always in the know) she lost her voice and had to take a small break and rumors flew about ***ing up her voice permanently. She played a total of 5 songs or 25 mins. The actual music was “OK” but nothing to get Paula Abdul to speak in tongues. She also dressed like crap. Tight leggings with a WHAM! like top tied off to the side. /meh I took my daughter out of the suite to check our infamous weather and inside glass buildings everything looks fine. She asked me if Alicia Keys was pregnant because she is “kind big”, referencing her backside. I chuckled and said that isn’t Alicia it’s Jordin to which she replied “oooooooohhh good…….I was wondering……” Being a 10 year old who watches the Disney Channel/VH-1/MTV and idols Hannah Montana one could easily be mixed up. We went back in just as Neyo was to perform, Alo’s daughters we’re pumped, apparently one of her daughters want’s Neyo to be her next husband. Wonder where we should register….. Neyos routine was very classy and fresh (and so clean clean) going with the white on white suits with his dancer troupe in tow they all put on an excellent performance. I knew 1 song. His set lasted 45 mins and he made every song count. At one point a dancer was doing a strip tease and doing a very good job at it and had this urge to grab some dolla bills and help pay for her college tuition. I’ve paid my share of university fees. Another coworker showed up in the middle of Neyo (my assistant) with her mum n dad. Family Night with NEYO! yay.  Finishing up my 2 Screw and onto Corona in a can Alicia arrives. She is beautiful. Secchy. Alo and I dance to more than a few songs. She runs a good 1.5 hours and it goes FAST. Log and his wife n friends jet 30 mins before the show ends. My assistant leave 15 mins later. We stay until they kick us out. =D It’s not everyday one can get VIP parking, View from a Suite, Free Drinks and Food along with outstanding performances by Keys and Neyo. Savor it people. 

We take off and have zero issues leaving downtown. Try leaving downtown Houston, Chicago when leaving a concert without issues…one thing KC has going for it..rather 2 things…it’s Airport and it’s lack of turn out for events! WoooHoooo. Both the airport, which to me is the best of the best for parking prices, ease of getting in and out and it’s checkin/security set up. The city itself never has TONS of congestion (besides our never ending construction projects) for sporting events, concerts, parades. Count your lucky stars KC isn’t a vacation destination.


As we cross over from Missouri to Kansas the smells get better. The roads are better. We stop by Taco Hell for some late night munchies, which is by far the worst place to go for late night food when your over the age of 35. Two Meximelts and a taco (soft) does make for an interesting sleep. I’m sorry Alo. All in all, for a Thursday it was a great evening to spend with my family and friends. 



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2 responses to “Superwoman : Alicia Keys

  1. It was fun to hang out for sure! I think the place got a little more packed by the time Keys took the stage. I actually had to do a little work last night after I got home so when everyone in my possy said that they were tired I did not complain 🙂

    I look forward to the next event we get to go to.

  2. you are the most beatiful girl i love you and your vioce and i wish one i will sing like you thia is my dream and to meeet you .. huugies melii

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