Cinco de Mayo y Romulo y Julianne

First, Happy Cinco De Mayo from my close distant cousins the Mexicans (Being Native American we do have some close ties and coincidences *see taking our land by force, lies and disease*) When I lived in Houston/Spring Texas it was a tradition my best friend (Abraham Flores) and I would take the day off and hit the “authentic” & “tex-mex” cantinas starting at 9 am going til 2 am. Alas my only friends of hispanic or latino descent is Logtar but he is Colombian so I think we maybe going to a Jewish Cafe today for Gyros. Make sense?  Anywhoo- Heres to you Mr. Mexicans for kicking the shit outta them cream puff makers the FRENCH! To YOU south of the bor..wait…to you in the United States (illegal or not) your culture enhances this ones on so many levels I care not to list them as I only have so much time. I remember the first Mexican girlfriend. I remember her arms being hairier than mine, she had long wisps of side burn hair that I thought was extremely cute (I was 11). I remember going to her house and we’d “kiss” on her back porch and her mother, cousins, brothers and sisters would all be watching from the windows. She (Lisa) said I was the only boy they’d allowed in the house (I’m guessing it was my year long tan). 


As a guild we are almost back on track with getting Kara on a regular schedule. Yes, we have 2-3 pugs with us but so far they have been very good in helping us. We started Friday and took down Atuneman with relative ease. Next up was Moroes and only took 2 tries (which is def. good for us). Up next was Maiden and after a few adjustments and substitutions we dropped her! This was the farthest we got as a 80% guild run and I am damned proud of our guild for stickin to it. Sat & Sun nights we tried and tried to do the Opera Event but couldn’t take down Romulo & Julianne at the same time (lack of dps &/or tanks going down to fast). Kara just takes practice and you must have patient people in the group as well as geared or knowledgeable (both is nice). I think if we just keep trying twice a week it will take us a month or so to be “decent” at downing whatever bosses we can. My thanks and appreciation to those who showed up ready to go all weekend. /bow  Many thanks to my Love Alo for allowing me the time to do so and bringing me dinner & beer/wine whilst I played. I am so spoiled! 

Weekend non-wow was lazy. Friday we rented “The Bourne Ultimatum” and I finished watching that Sun Morning! We garaged sale’d, we took naps, Alix blogged again! Took more naps, cleaned the car out which led to Alo leaving her purse ontop of the caddy while we left the car wash and have it’s (most) content splattered around 152nd and Metcalf…she lost 2 lipsticks, lip balm and a cell phone. As we turned around in horror and the sound of glass breaking, I turned the car around and noticed 2 cars slowing down (to help) one stopped in front of the purse and one behind it– Alix was in survival mode so she was about to scream at the helpful citizen “THATS MY PURSE!!!! DON’T TOU” at that time I said “They’re helping! Calm down!”…she gathered it up and thanked the lady then nearly was run over by a random white chick in a Porsche 911. I say random because I love Porsche. Alix was oblivious to the near fatal run down, I kept my mouth shut as I (tend) to know when to stfu. =D The cell was cracked and chipped and won’t turn on, which to me is a good thing as her phone sucks. Holds a charge for 9 hours. The ring gives me nightmares. The flip side is now she can’t call me and I can’t call her. /sigh That was probably the highlight excitement of the weekend for us in Johnson County. We live life on the edge out here in SOJOCO! Booooieeeeeee.



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6 responses to “Cinco de Mayo y Romulo y Julianne


    I am down for Gyrolicious meat… the cantinas will be full of posers, not into water down margaritas all that much.

  2. Posers are fun to look at.

  3. kaari

    seems like it was me during kara :\

  4. actually what we lacked was higher end DPS– heals were fine.

    lastnight they downed the curator but there was more pug than OS (i think). McTeague led the charge, I went and saw Iron Man instead.


  5. Amphiaraus

    The horrible stench of the SWG crack pipe has me in its evil clutches again.

    My WoW time has fallen off lately and I am now mainly doing SWG. (With all 5 accounts — 10 chars!!!)

    All Old School members seem to have quit SWG except for me and Edmundelius, Ed is on quite often. Ed is mayor of Old School town on Lok and says Old School’s town “bank account” has 60 million in it.

    Are there any other Old School members still in SWG? Is there any chance that the SWG/Flurry Old School might be revived?

    As a resource guy I still have heaps of resources and credits left over from my past incarnations in SWG. I have at least 300 million creds if creds will help revive the SWG/Flurry Old School.


  6. Good Lord AMPH!!!!!!! LOL Have fun bro!

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