Tony Stark

I maybe 5 days late on seeing the movie but I wanted to see it without obnoxious JoCo teens on cell phones, rowdy punks who haven’t even read a comic in their lives and the over crowding of theaters. So we saw it lastnight in Merriam for $6.00 Reg. price. I wasn’t too thrilled about going to this theater because if it’s not in the big ass theater it harkens back to the 70 and 80’s theaters where poor sound, cheap seats and communicable disease reside on your seat. Which reminds me, try NOT to lay your head back on the chair, bring a coat and place it behind you. I brought my son along with AlixAndria with co-worker Logtar and ingame now rl friend KCgeek/Nuke.  The movie was excellent and me being a 70’s and 80’s comic book collector (avid) I was impressed with the story line. Robert Downey was perfect for this part much like Michael Keaton of 1989’s BATMAN (wow..almost 20 years ago that came out???!?!?) Speaking of Batman & Ironman they exact same formula is used in the background/bio of these characters. See below.


I also added a new link to the blog roll, a burgeoning writer who resides in Harlem on the last block, which..I didn’t know one could be on a last block without a definitive border (like a river, fence or cliff). I tried to read all of this work but couldn’t finish it ( I will next week….trust me).

On that note I’m happy to exchange links/blog rolls with whomever as long as it’s not related and/or is affiliated with the following: General Custard, Oompa Loompas, Steely Dan, Magic Johnson, Don Johnson, Midget Porn, Jaws 2, Lima Beans, Faces of Death part 3 International Version, South Dakota’s Deadwood Police, Oklahoma Sooners (pre 90’s), Miami Hurricanes (current) and Gangsta Rap depicting the abuse of European Sports cars as a hobby. Other than that, please do add me and I will do the same.

Reminder to my guild & my 4 friends, I will be out of own all next week for work in D.C. (first time) so please keep the guild going with limited drama (should be fine since I tend to be the drama incarnate) and help everyone enjoy the game and each other (I sound like Jerry Springers final thought). Any tips about D.C. would be appreciated. 

One last note: We will be doing a fresh KARAZAHN run Wed night- please try to keep run with majority guild members that are willing and geared**. I know it’s not possible all the time but try, most of the pugs don’t need the gear at all, they just want the badges. 



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3 responses to “Tony Stark

  1. KcGeek Nuke

    Rob = KcGeek/MaxWellHouse
    John – Nuke = YrKoon/Recurve

    The movie did kick ass and I have a bunch of questions for you about some stuff in the storyline… loved it.

  2. Exactly, thanks Logtar!

    While I would have loved to meet you guys for the flick, I live waaay the heck across town. Maybe next time.

    I was going to see it this weekend with some other bloggers, but am now helping a very good friend move. So who knows…

  3. soo many names. my bad.

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