I is bak.

D.C. Sushi ala Sake Club

Long week away, didn’t really miss writing on this blog. I had an excellent business trip in Washington D.C. I plan on posting pix later this week when I can catch up. Guild news, I come back and we lost another set of core players from the guild. I was in shock for about 30 mins, a mix mash of feelings ranging from shock, pissed off, questioning my leadership abilities, sadness. Then I realized that it was useless to feel upset over their personal decisions to leave our guild, it is their own time and dime and I’ve been there and done that for over 5 years of MMO gaming. People will come and go. What gets my goat is the people that leave whom you thought were your friends, more than just ingame, ala Windamar. You spend time with them, share moments good and bad and not just ingame but real life, you make friendships. Memories. Then out of the blue without so much a warning they go “POOF”. Gone. To me, that shows a few things, first of which is my own impression and misrepresentation of friendship. I don’t care if you leave the guild, server or game all together but why not remain friends? I sound kind of weak when I type it out and I re-read it but I’m just feeling down about my so-called friends. I had a two conversations, one with “Lyythium/Laen” and ‘Tyiako” and while I disliked them leaving while I was gone they at least explained to me the reasons at length, of which I respect. I am to blame for departures in the aspect of not being more focused and strict with our goals. It is a very hard thing to do, running a successful guild and I don’t recommend it to the light hearted. lol   Anyways, onward. We shall continue our guild and enjoy the game with our current roster and keep adding members (quality) . To those who left while I was gone I wish you the best of luck and enjoyment online. You are welcome back anytime.

More lates.



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6 responses to “I is bak.

  1. Dangit everything leaves me craving sushi lately, thanks a bunch … I think I said welcome back in game, bit not here. So, glad to hear your trip went OK!

    As for game friends… I have people that are IRL friends, I have friends I made in the game, and I have a few that are both. The thing is, the ones that are both, I don’t play with regularly. This is mostly because I don’t devote as much daily time as they do and they out pace me. I guess my point is that I don’t take the game personally. On the other hand, if I believe somebody is my friend in life, I would be crushed to be blown off that way. But as Logtar said a while back, there are people that unfortunately only measure friendship in what you can do for them.

    Hope you get to feelin better,

    N }:-

  2. I’m feeling fine (now) it was that first 30 mins when I logged in. Logtar is a walking talking fortune cookie.

    Thanks for the Welcome Back! =)

  3. LMAO… Fortune cookie… not sure if I should laugh or be offended, but like Confucius said… nevermind.

    I have dealt with these kind of situation in the forum world… and yea online kind of sucks because it is easy to just “poof”

    Quality is the key… the guild will go through its changes and get where it needs to be 🙂

  4. You should be happy, as my cookie reference is that you are WISE. Howd the run go last night??

  5. Who doesn’t like a fortune cookie? It’s kinda like Buddha but in snack size! Bite size philosophy for the whole family.

  6. kaari

    i decided to come back as well! after my long and boring trip in vegas… (not 21)

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