Happy Holiday Memorial Weekend! Mine will be filled with no plans what so ever. I am mulling over grilling some dead cows and chickens. Maybe ask Alix to make her world famous and I’m talking W   O   R   L   D famous Potato Salad. Other than that I’ll probably go get the Wii FIT game if I can find it, do some yard work (edging), play some WoW, make out with my AlixAndria, maybe go garage sale shopping tomorrow morning…..it’s nice to have no real plans. 

I keep wondering (to myself) if Obama is going to win it all. I’d like it to happen…but I just don’t SEE it. Not yet, I think the next go around it’s possible (8 years from now) but we still have active generations of bigots and sexism from the days of old. I was in D.C. last week and attended a speech by political analyst Tucker Carlson and he went on to say why/how Obama could lose the election. Not based on his race but based on his followers and supporters stating that most are fanatical and scary to those in main stream public. The supporters of Obama being idealists almost to the extreme of which he likened to the 2004 running of Howard Dean. Most will note his demise was on stage at a rally where he basically ended his run with an outburst of emotion…we like emotion but dislike it bordering on lunacy or anything resembling TLR from MTV with the little girls screaming in the background. Tucker went on to say as long as Obama’s supporters don’t freak out and scare the general public he has an excellent chance. I agree. Minus the old establishment  that hates blacks/browns/women. I plan on voting for Obama in a red state. Alix is planning on it as well, however if he chooses Clinton as his running mate all bets are off. Fuck Clinton. 

World of Warcraft this week has been lite for me, mostly doing dailies on the Isle getting my money oooo so closer to another 5k gold mount for one of my toons, I’m about 700 gold from reaching it. I just cannot decide whom to give it to….I was thinking WookieLuv…then thought about Wootbeer or Devo…..I DON’T KNOW!!!! I have tons of materials I can sell but like in the past I’m a hoarder. I don’t sell much If I can make it with dailies so my banks (2) are bursting at the seams, I may have to get another bank alt going. =D I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! See you online and off!


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One response to “Dailies

  1. his lover

    The mount truly has to go to Wookieluv!
    I mean, wtf babe?
    He is a VETERAN, nothing short of a G O D!
    (spoken like Dennis Quaid playing Jerry Lee Lewis)
    ((like: “Ga” “Aw” and “D” solid emphasis on the d sound…))

    Wookieluv DESERVES it!
    Please, make this right.

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