When to quit a bad run…

Last night I tried. And tried. And tried. The isle’s Mag Terrace second boss (the one who shoots the pure energy bubbles at ya) was a pain in the booty. Fellow guild mate and pug extraordinaire Ivanvonivan got a group going and he invited me to be a DPS so I took Wook the rogue with a brand new spec (thanks Rezzhit & Tyiako) and sure enough I was tops in DPS (damage meter) up til the boss. My dps group consisted of a feral druid, hunter*. We got him down to 16% then 2%, 1% back to 23%. By this time I thought maybe it was the DPS since we got soooo close. So I log Devo (Warlock) and same result, we wipe 3 more times and get him so close before our hunter dies around 30% boss life followed by the healer then dps then finally tank. I get frustrated and decided maybe it was the heals, though in reality it was the dps on the adds. *see hunter. So I log AutumnKnight and same result, boss goes to 3% wipe. 8% wipe. at this point I’m in the whole with 3 toons around 25-30g…and we’ve spent over 1.5 hours on this. I normally will stick it though but damn. Damn. Damn…and damn. I’ve been through Mags 6 times now and we’ve never had issues with this boss. Key being killing the adds fast enough. Even in pugs I feel responsible. KNOWING I’m doing my role and doing everything I can possibly do during an important battle…it doesn’t help It’s hard for me to tell someone they’re simply not good enough for an instance. There is a time though when you need to tell the group or leader that you’ve had enough. The above is a prime example. Your not only wasting time and money you create bad karma for the boss that just bitch slapped with with 2k ticks of arcane damage every 3 seconds. One of our guild rules is to stick it out and if you have to leave find a replacement. This is the exception. I don’t expect guild mates to subject themselves to futility and running up a repair bill with no real reward at the end. If you cannot beat a boss after you have tried several variations and strats, look to who you have with you. Who dies too fast. Is the tank doing what he can? Is the healer healing? Check the damage meters. Check your groups stats with mana/stamina. Research the boss on wiki or any other wow resources or ask guild mates. In the end be respectful to your pugs and let whomever is not towing the line that they need to be replaced. Be tactful. (if you can).



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2 responses to “When to quit a bad run…

  1. kaari

    i HATE that boss. His DPS is insane. But the best way to run it is either an ice mage, or a healer and a subhealer to be on the one that gets the energy.

  2. I pwned dead mines in like 45 minutes 🙂

    I hated pugs from the first week and have since… any group larger than one unknown (you and a friend +1, or just you +1) seems to get out of hand… there is a lot to be said for how different people act when they feel responsibility and accountability even just in an online game.

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